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Viper Power Cell EV-V120

Upgrade the Heart of your RV to Lithium Iron Phosphate with our industry leading VIPER line of deep cell house batteries. 

EV-V120-2C-KIT Viper Power Cell Dual RV Kit (Non-Airstream)

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Power your next adventure with a Lithium Viper Power Cell Dual Battery Kit! This kit provides everything needed for your  RV’s successful heart transplant to the exciting new world of  lithium technology! Big power contained in a small light weight  package is what you can expect. Our lithium drop replacement system will give you years of dependable service cycle after cycle. Our 64 pound Viper Lithium System is comparable in power  to replacing 450 pounds of out dated lead acid style batteries! 

  • Longer Life Cycles:  Exceed 6,000 full cycles, 6 times better than lead acid batteries
  • Less Self discharge rate: less than 2-3% monthly
  • Less weight and size: 35% of lead acid batteries, lower tongue weight
  • Better performance in high and low temperatures
  • Higher discharge power: 6 times that of lead acid batteries
  • Saves money: cell cycle life up to 10 years
  • Less charging time: 2-3 times faster
  • Safer: No explosion, No Fire
  • Better RV Experience
  • Lithium does not freeze
  • 98% Energy efficient
  • Maintenance Free
  • End To End Configuration

EV-V120-2C-Kit Specifications

Battery StyleLifePo4
Capacity240Ah (2x 120Ah)
Battery Management SystemBuilt In & Serviceable
Dimensions13-1/8"W x 10-1/4"L x 9-1/2"H
Max Discharge Rate200 Amps
Continuous Discharge Rate160 Amps
Charger Rate60 Amps
Buss Bar Connectors2 Ea
8 AWG DC Charging Cord8 Ft.
6 AWG Grounding Cord5 Ft.
Fuse Block Buss Bar
1 Ea.
Mini Fuse Block1 Ea.
Fuse-80 Amp1 Ea.


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