e360 Lithium Battery
Tie Down Tray System
Battery Monitor Kit
Solar Panels
Solar Braket Mounting Kit
    Solar Charge Controller
Lithium Controller Charger
   Kisae 1000W Inverter


E360 Overland 200 Ah Power Bundle

Sale price$4,623.20
  • E360 Lithium Batteries and Tie-Down Tray System:

    The E360 Overland 200 Ah Power Bundle includes two E360 100 Ah LiFePO4 batteries with a dual battery tie-down tray system to combine, mount, and secure the batteries. The Overland Bundle is a popular choice for medium-sized travel trailers, larger truck campers, smaller fifth wheels, and motor coaches with plenty of power for a long weekend getaway.

  • E360 500 A Battery Monitor:

    The included E360 500 A Battery Monitor Kit is a must-have for accurately determining the battery bank's state of charge. The monitor can also assist in the rare event an issue with the power system requires troubleshooting. The E360 Battery Monitor is a hardwired system that includes all the installation parts. Simple and easy to use, the E360 Battery Monitor includes all readings on a single screen with no need to toggle between screens like other models.    
  • E360 Solar Panels and 50 A Solar Charge Controller:

    This dual battery bundle is also paired with two 175 W solar panels for 350 W of power. The bundle includes a fully programmable 50 A MPPT solar charge controller. The Bluetooth programmability of the charge controller makes it perfect for lithium batteries. The E360 Solar Charge Controller can also be used with lead-acid chemistry batteries. The bundle will also include two sets of solar panel mounting feet to install the panels on the roof of an RV. 

  • E360 45 A Lithium Converter Charger:

    The E360 45 A lithium profile AC to DC converter charger is needed to provide the optimal charge profile for the E360 lithium batteries when charging from the grid. If your RV was manufactured after 2020, you may already have a converter charger installed that has an auto-detect or switchable feature that can be used to charge lithium or lead acid chemistry batteries. To determine if your RV has a lithium-compatible converter charger, obtain the unit's part number and visit that manufacturer's website for the information. Most RVs will still require the E360 lithium profile charger to replace the existing converter charger designed to charge lead acid chemistry batteries, that is why it is included in this bundle. The E360 Converter Charger can be removed from this bundle if it is not needed. 

  • Kisae 1000 W Inverter:

    The last item to make this package complete is a Kisae 1000 W Pure Sine Inverter with a built-in automatic transfer switch. This pure sine wave inverter can power sensitive electronics due to its clean electrical signal closely matching grid power. The automatic transfer switch will allow loads connected to the inverter to be powered by the battery bank or from grid power when plugged in. 

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E360 Overland 200 Ah Power Bundle

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