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Redarc Explorer 100 Ah Power Bundle

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  • E360 Lithium Battery and Tie Down Tray:

    The REDARC Explorer 100 Ah Power Bundle includes a single E360 100 Ah LiFePO4 battery with a single tie-down tray system to mount, secure, and protect the battery. Because the E360 lithium batteries have a higher energy density, more usable energy, and faster power recovery, a single 100 Ah battery may be enough to meet all your power needs. RedArc products offer unique options made for the serious off-grid adventurer. REDARC products are an excellent choice for custom van conversions, overland trailers, compact truck campers, and overland trucks. 

  • Redarc Manager 30 with Color Display:

    This bundle also includes the REDARC Manager 30 with a Color Display. The Manager 30 is five components in one with a DC-to-DC alternator charger, MPPT solar charge controller, AC-to-DC shore charger, battery monitor, and battery isolator. The bundle also includes a color display that provides battery monitoring information and has expandable features when paired with the available Red Vision system.

  • E360 Solar Panel:

    This single battery bundle is also paired with a single E360 175 W solar panel with a set of solar panel mounting feet to install the panels on the roof of an RV. The solar charge controller is built into the included REDARC Manager 30 with no need for a separate independent solar charge controller. If roof space is unavailable for a fixed panel, consider replacing the 175 W panel with the E360 120 W portable panel.

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Redarc Explorer 100 Ah Power Bundle

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