Victron <b>Boondocker 400 Ah</b> Power Bundle
e360 Lithium Battery
Dual Battery Tie Down System
Extended Length Bus Bar Set
Solar Bracket Mounting Kit
Solar Panels
Smart Solar MPPT-150-85-TR
Victron <b>Boondocker 400 Ah</b> Power Bundle
Cerbo GX With Accessories
Victron <b>Boondocker 400 Ah</b> Power Bundle
Victron GX Touch 70
Victron GX Touch Wall Mount 70
Victron Lynx Distributor
Victron Lynx Shunt VE Can
Interface MK3 USB VE Bus to USB
RJ45 UTP Cable
VE Direct Cable


Victron Boondocker 400 Ah Power Bundle

Sale price$11,343.62
  • E360 Lithium Batteries and Tie-Down Tray System: 

    The Victron Boondocker 300 Ah Power Bundle includes four E360 100 Ah LiFePO4 batteries, two dual battery tie-down tray systems, and an additional set of longer bus bars to join the two trays to create one battery bank. This bundle is the perfect choice for larger-sized travel trailers, truck campers, fifth wheels, and motor coaches with plenty of power for an extended trip off-grid.      
  • Victron Smart Shunt: 

    The included Victron 500 A Smart Shunt is a must-have for accurately determining the battery bank's state of charge. The monitor can also assist in the rare event an issue with the power system requires troubleshooting. The Victron Smart Shunt does not include a display screen as it is Bluetooth enabled with the information provided by the VictronConnect app through a smartphone or tablet. The smart shunt can also be connected to the Victron Cerbo GX and controlled from the GX 70 touch Screen using one of the Victron VE Direct cables. 

  • Victron GX 70 Touch Screen:

    The Victron GX Touch 70 seven-inch touchscreen display is the user interface hub for the Victron Cerbo GX providing system monitoring and programming of connected components. The Touch 70 connects to the Victron Cerbo GX central communication hub using the included cable. The GX 70 Touch Screen includes a wall mount bracket for a clean, professional-looking installation.

  • Victron Cerbo GX: 

    The Victron Cerbo GX is a central communication hub for all Victron components connected to it. The Cerbo GX provides communication, monitoring, and system control through the included Victron GX 70 Touch Screen. The GX can be controlled remotely through a WiFi connection, directly from a laptop computer, or Bluetooth from a smartphone or tablet. 
  • E360 Solar Panels and Victron Charge Controller: 

    This quad battery bundle is also paired with four E360 175 W solar panels and a fully programmable Victron 150/85 85 A MPPT solar charge controller. The solar charge controller can be connected to the Cerbo GX using one of the included VE. Direct cables. The Bluetooth programmability of the charge controller makes it perfect for charging E360 lithium batteries. The Victron solar charge controller can also be used with lead-acid chemistry batteries. The bundle will also include four sets of solar panel mounting feet to install the panels on the roof of an RV. 

  • Victron Orion-Tr Smart DC to DC Charger:

    This bundle also includes a Victron Orion-Tr Smart 30 A DC-to-DC alternator charger. The Orion charger allows you to completely charge the E360 lithium batteries from a tow vehicle or motorcoach alternator by boosting the voltage and stabilizing the amperage to the right amount for the E360 lithium batteries. This charger is Bluetooth enabled, allowing the user to monitor the charging and program the charge profile. 

  • Victron Multiplus II 3000 W Inverter Charger: 

    The Victron Multiplus II Inverter Charger 3000 VA is a true sine (pure sine) wave 3000 W inverter and a 120 A charger. This pure sine wave inverter charger can power sensitive electronics due to its clean electrical signal closely matching grid power. The high-speed automatic transfer switch will allow loads connected to the Inverter to be powered by the battery bank or automatically from grid power when plugged in. This model also includes a 120 A charger built-in, eliminating the need for a separate converter charger. The inverter settings and charge profile are fully programmable using the Victron Cerbo GX component and Victron GX 70 Touch Screen.

  • Victron Lynx Distributor and Lynx Shunt: 

    The Victron Lynx Distributor is a protected multi-terminal positive and negative bus bar component used to organize and fuse component cables. Four fusible terminals for load and charge components on the positive bus bar accept Mega-type fuses (not included). The negative bus bar also has four terminals for load and charge components, with a fifth terminal for common ground. The Lynx Distributor has indicator lights on the faceplate cover to tell the user if a fuse is functioning or has blown. The included Lynx Shunt connects to the Lynx Distributor on one side and the battery bank on the other, with all power passing through it. On the negative side of the Lynx Shunt, there is a coulomb counting shunt that provides complete battery monitoring information. On the positive side of the Lynx Shunt is a position for a CNN-type master fuse (not included). One of the included RJ45 UTP Cables is used to connect the Lynx Shunt to the Cerbo GX component.     

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Victron Explorer 100 Ah Power Bundle

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