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The Edge

A slim design battery featuring VHC Internal Heating and SmartTalk Bluetooth


Industry-Leading Products

Lithium battery technology has come a long way in the last decade—Expion360 is taking it further. Our best-in-class batteries are designed and engineered in-house with premium lithium iron phosphate cells while ensuring quality controls at every step. We stand by our batteries with an industry-leading 12-year warranty and support your needs with custom mounting kits and accessories to power the pursuit.

10x Life Cycle

10x Life Cycle

Tenfold the lifetime of your battery investment.

An Off-Grid Lithium Battery To

Explore With Confidence

Our lithium batteries are engineered for ultimate durability, reliability, and safety. Whether you need a deep cycle “house battery” for your custom van build, something lighter and more energy dense for trolling motors, or an off-grid lithium battery for home energy solutions, our products deliver. 

See what our lithium batteries can do:

RV The Power to Take You Further


There’s almost nothing more exhilarating than hitting the open road in your RV. With your supplies stocked and your map marked, the possibilities are endless.

Support When You Need It

Expion360’s in-house tech support team knows the ins and outs of our entire off-grid lithium battery line and accessories. From walking you through which battery is best, to troubleshooting when you’re on the go, our team has the know-how needed for a great experience. 

A Story Of Passion and Pursuit

Expion360 started from a passion for batteries and premium engineering. But it also began with a passion for adventure. We knew performance was key from cross-country RV trips to deep sea fishing. So, we asked ourselves: what if we could build the lithium battery better? If we made it lighter, more durable, and gave it ten times the life and three times the energy (compared to a traditional lead acid battery)? 

The answer:
E360 batteries to power the pursuit. 

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Nothing should stop you when you’re ready to pursue the next big thing. Shop online or search our locator to find a trusted dealer near you. 

Your Expion 120 Ah lithium batteries are FABULOUS! We had plenty of power all summer using solar panels alone. They are so easy and simple to hook up and unhook. Thank you so much for helping us make the switch. Why does anyone use lead acid batteries anymore?!

Katharine M.