Advanced Home Battery Backup

Advanced Home Battery Backup

Home should be your refuge and place of comfort. Having a home energy system can give you peace of mind. Expion360’s lithium batteries are engineered for ultimate dependability. 

Home Energy Storage Solutions

DC Coupled Expandable

Our DC coupled home energy battery offers a versatile and powerful backup solution for modern homes. Designed in a sleek server rack style, this unit can be tailored to your specific energy needs, providing anywhere from 5kW to 80kW of reliable backup power. It's expandable in convenient 5kW increments, allowing you to scale up your system as your needs grow or change.

Prices starting at:
$3,094.00 MSRP (inverter not included)
$7,689.00 MSRP (inverter included)


AC Coupled All-In-One

Our AC coupled all-in-one home energy battery is a comprehensive power solution designed for seamless integration. Featuring a robust 10kW battery paired with a built-in 5kW inverter, this unit delivers reliable power right out of the box. Designed for flexibility, it can be expanded in 10kW increments up to a total of 40kW, making it ideal for a range of home sizes and power needs.

Prices starting at:
$8,995.00 MSRP


Home Energy Pilot Program Commencing 1H 2024, Installations Begin 2H 2024.

Energy Storage To Live Smarter 

A home battery backup system from Expion360 ensures that your household remains operational even during power outages or emergencies. We understand the irreplaceable value of the people and possessions within your home, which is why our lithium batteries are engineered to set the standards for safety, durability, and efficiency. Additionally, having a home energy system in place allows you to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle while providing a dependable alternative during frequent power disruptions.

Our home energy solutions are designed with adaptability in mind, ready to evolve alongside your changing energy requirements. Whether you're adding capacity to charge a new electric vehicle or increasing storage to support greater home energy use, our systems are as flexible as they are robust. This adaptability not only tailors each system to fit your specific lifestyle needs but also enhances your property's value. Choosing Expion360 means embracing the future of smart, sustainable living—making a seamless transition to enhanced energy independence and security.

Power Your Home, Empower Your Future

Our advanced energy solutions offer more than just electricity—they provide the freedom and security to live life on your terms. With reliable, eco-friendly power at your fingertips, you can enjoy uninterrupted comfort and convenience, even during outages. Expion360 batteries ensure your home is not just powered but empowered, letting you embrace a future where every day is powered by smart, sustainable energy.

Industry-Leading Warranty and Support 

Lithium batteries are an investment into your home and all the precious cargo within it. That’s why we implemented a 10-year home energy battery warranty to show our customers that we’re here for the long run—even in the middle of a power outage. This guarantee, coupled with our U.S.-based customer support team (trained in lithium technology), means you can trust in a product that’s built not only to last but to outlast.



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