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E360 Introduction

E360 Introduction

Product Overviews

Battery Build

Battery Monitor

Lifestyle and Testimonials

Imperial Outdoors X195 Camping Trailer with Expion360 Lithium Batteries

Chinook RV Class B Van with Expion360 Lithium Batteries

Cube Series Truck Camper with Expion360 Lithium Batteries

Expion360 Featured on Motorhead Garage

Education Series

Alternating Current (AC) vs Direct Current (DC)

Parallel vs. Series Circuit Theory

Safety and Compliance

Sizing Your Lithium Battery System for Power Needs

Battery Build

Lithium Charger Options

Advantages of Lithium Over Lead Acid

Installation and Best Practices

Lithium Installation

Basic Battery Install

Wire, Fusing, and Breakers

Loads: Install Best Practices

E360 Battery Monitor

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"We purchased three Expion360 120 Ah batteries and replaced our four 6 volt batteries wired in a series. The 1st night with the Expion360 batteries, we had 98% power. Even with the furnace kicking in all night, we woke up to 90% power. We wanted to upgrade for some time and are very glad that we did!"

Arlin B.