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Lithium Batteries For Van Life and Overlanding

Overlanding is a way of life. It’s the unquenchable thirst for adventure. The need to drive headlong into uncharted territory. Expion360’s lithium batteries for van life give you the peace of mind to chase the next big thing. 

Unmatched Engineering For Exploration

Unmatched Engineering For Exploration

Self-reliance and preparation are keys to overlanding success. There are few things as inspiring as veering off the beaten path with nothing but your rig and a few necessary supplies. But with this drive, you need powerful tools to get you there. Our deep cycle batteries are made to keep operations in your outfitted rig running smoothly and predictably. 

Lithium batteries for van life are upgrades to traditional lead-acid batteries. They’re smaller, lighter, more durable, and have an overall greater capacity to handle your needs. With overlanding, you need to account for every bit of weight. That's why E360 batteries make efficient use of space inside and out. The next great adventure is out there; we make sure you can power the pursuit. 

Lithium Batteries For Van Life

Key Features

Lithium Cells

Lithium Cells

We use only the highest-grade lithium iron phosphate encased in steel and meeting the UL1624 standard (UL file no. MH64383). This material and engineering make for unparalleled reliability, stability, and safety.

Industry-Leading Warranty and Support 

Lithium batteries are an investment into your thirst for adventure. That’s why we implemented an industry-leading 12-year warranty to show our customers that we’re here for the long run. This guarantee, coupled with our U.S.-based customer support team (trained in lithium technology), means you can trust in a product that’s built not only to last but to outlast.

Explore our expertly engineered collection of premium lithium batteries, mounting kits, power systems, and accessories backed by unmatched support and quality.

"When we built our Sprinter van as a platform for teaching about cutting-edge products, Expion360 batteries were literally at the center of the design. Their construction and performance allowed fewer cells, and the ability to stay off-grid indefinitely. These and other Expion360 products are also among the top items I teach about in my classes on solar power systems for vehicle-based adventure travel."

Sean M.