Lithium Marine Batteries

Durable, Reliable, Safe

Lithium Marine Batteries

Whether casting your line on a lake, river, or the ocean, the unpredictable nature of marine recreation requires a battery with consistency and quality. Expion360’s lithium marine batteries are built to last so you can spend more time on the water. 

Marine batteries for the long haul

Built For The Long Haul

Boat batteries aren’t one-size-fits-all, and neither are your boating needs. Whether you’re outfitting trolling motors or installing a lithium battery to operate your cabin electronics, you need something that can withstand marine conditions with power and efficiency. 

Whereas traditional lead acid boat batteries can be heavy and clunky, our lithium marine batteries are 50% lighter, three times more energy dense, and have ten times the life cycle. In addition, 3x faster recovery means you can charge faster, save time, and move further. On the water, that can be the difference between a good day and a bad one. There’s no doubt that these batteries are built for the long haul. 

Lithium Marine Batteries

Key Features

Lithium Cells

Lithium Cells

We use only the highest-grade lithium iron phosphate encased in steel and meeting the UL1624 standard (UL file no. MH64383). This material and engineering make for unparalleled reliability, stability, and safety. 

Expion360 lithium batteries are expertly engineered inside and out.

Marine Transport Batteries

Industry-Leading Warranty and Support

Lithium batteries are an investment into your marine pursuits and give you more time on the water. That’s why we implemented an industry-leading 12-year warranty to show our customers that we’re here for the long run. This guarantee, coupled with our U.S.-based customer support team (trained in lithium technology), means you can trust in a product that’s built not only to last but to outlast.

Explore our expertly engineered collection of premium lithium batteries, mounting kits, power systems, and accessories backed by unmatched support and quality.

"Expion360 lithium batteries afford me the peace of mind to fish all day without ever having to worry about power loss with my trolling motor or electronics! Check them out if you're looking for safe, reliable power!"

Andy N.