Expion360 Story

Expion360 Mission

To manufacture premium, reliable products that power the pursuit of adventure in beautiful, rugged places. 


These are the pillars of our company.


We challenge the status quo in the lithium battery industry with every element of Expion360 batteries. Everything is created for optimal safety and performance, from our innovative case design to our efficient interior cell packs and “smart” BMS. 


We are committed to precision-engineered distinction. It's the culmination of cutting-edge technology, rigorous testing, and a commitment to reliability. When you choose Expion360, you're choosing a standard of excellence that powers your world with unwavering dependability.


Lithium batteries are what we do. We’re passionate about creating a top-tier product and educating customers on their battery choices. From initial outreach to ongoing troubleshooting, our team creates an unrivaled customer experience. 

Expion360 Story


Since John Yozamp founded the company in 2016, Expion360 has designed and engineered best-in-class lithium battery solutions across industries. Our customers are weekend adventurers seeking out the next great destination from a van or RV, off-the-grid homeowners getting away from it all, and recreational marine-going enthusiasts. To power the pursuit—whatever it may be—we knew we needed to develop a powerful battery that was safer, more efficient, and built for the long run. 

chase the next big thing

With more than ten years of experience in both the RV and solar industries, we became the industry leader for lithium batteries and accessories. Our products are built for tenfold the lifetime of your battery investment, three times the energy density, three times faster recovery, and an innovative case design.

At Expion360, we perform to the highest standards—and make sure our products do, too—so our customers can always chase the next big thing.

Expion360 Ambassadors

United Search Corps | Doug Bishop

Doug Bishop is the founder of United Search Corps, a nonprofit “addressing the distressing issue of murdered and missing individuals.” As a search specialist and victim advocate, Doug travels the States with his team and provides resources to law enforcement and communities through collaborative partnerships, data sharing, and advanced techniques. With this mission to give loved ones closure, Doug and his organization rely on E360 batteries to take them further.

BROfessor Adventures | Joey Slayton

Joey originates from Central Arkansas and maintains strong connections to his hometown. His journey into vehicle-based camping commenced in 2012 during motorcycle travel. Presently, Joey, accompanied by his wife, Gia, relies on their Toyota FJ Cruiser for remarkable adventures. Brofessor Adventures, initially established on social media, has evolved through insightful blog posts. Notably, Joey hosts The Overland Podcast, a weekly live show that facilitates knowledge sharing and exchange within the Overland Community.

At Expion360, we believe in powering the pursuit across industries and state lines. Our Ambassadors are adventurers, achievers, pursuers, and dreamers—pushing the boundaries on the possibilities of our products and taking them further than we could imagine. 

"I just wanted to offer some customer feedback on your tech support. It’s become quite unusual to get this level of customer service these days and I just wanted to let you know it is very much appreciated!"

John J.