Aura Powercap Battery Inverter

Top 5 Use Cases for Our Aura Powercap Battery Inverter

At Expion360, we consider ourselves experts in the field. That said, we’re always engineering new solutions to solve old problems better. The latest of those solutions is the Aura Powercap battery inverter. This mobile power solution is packed with features that make it indispensable for off-grid adventuring, and today we’re detailing the top five use cases that make it a must-have! 

A Battery Inverter, Explained 

Whether you’re new to the off-grid community or you’ve been forging trails for years, there’s always something to learn. With tech advancements and growing interest, there’s typically a new product to learn as well. With the launch of our Aura Powercap, we think it’s useful to break down the basics of what a battery inverter does and why. 

At its most basic, an inverter converts Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC). The appliances we use in our everyday life, like fridges and televisions, run off an AC supply taken from electrical outlets. When away from a typical power source, things like solar panels and batteries produce DC energy. The solution to having the conveniences of these appliances off-grid is an inverter. If you’re more of a visual learner, there’s a great breakdown here from The Engineering Mindset

Also of note are the two types of inverters. The first, pure sine wave inverters, produce clean AC power that mimics power from the grid. The other, modified sine wave, produces less clean AC power and is, therefore, not recommended for more sensitive electronics. In terms of size and output needed, this depends solely on your application type and needs (we’ll get to that in use cases). 

What Makes the Aura Powercap Special? 

Our newly-launched Aura Powercap 600 mobile power solution is the perfect companion for off-grid adventuring. With the proprietary design, we’ve engineered this power solution to fit and convert any E360 Group 24 lithium batteries into a 600W mobile power station. 

Some key features of the Aura Powercap: 

  • Capable of charging with the included 7 Amp householder charger or with remote charging from the E360 Portable Power Bundle (sold separately). 
  • Built-in pure sine wave inverter. 
  • 12 Volt 10 Amp power port allows you to run other 12 Volt appliances and accessories. 
  • Includes one PD, one USB-C, and two USB-A charge ports. 
  • Compatible with 60 Ah, 80 Ah, and 95 Ah Expion360 batteries. 

Top 5 Use Cases 

There are hundreds of products and accessories on the market for off-grid adventuring. But we think the versatility and capabilities of the Aura Powercap battery inverter speak for themselves. 


For most of us, camping is about unplugging and recharging. But even a weekend (or longer) sans social media and your favorite streaming network doesn’t mean you’ll be completely without devices. Inverters allow you to charge devices like cell phones, cameras, and GPS systems and run small appliances like coffee makers and fans. They can even allow you to set up LED and battery-powered lights for a more comfortable (and safe) campsite. 


In many ways, Overlanding is an amplified camping experience. Inverters for this use are similar to those for camping when it comes to running appliances, charging electronic devices, and powering lights. But when you live off-grid for an extended period, having an inverter means you can be more self-sufficient and work from anywhere, navigate remote areas, and bring plugged-in comforts to places decidedly unplugged. 


Marine environments are somewhat more unpredictable, which means devices can be exposed to sometimes extreme elements. When shore power is unavailable, a battery inverter like the Aura Powercap can run everything from small appliances to personal devices. Like on-land use cases, marine lithium batteries provide reliable power when far off-grid. 

Drone Charging

For all the above, inverters are a convenient and efficient way to charge drones. Whether for personal or professional use, having a battery backup to charge drones off-grid allows you to get the shots and surveyance you need. 

Emergency Backup

Whether at home or roaming off-grid, losing power is inconvenient and sometimes dangerous. Using an inverter as an emergency backup system is one of its most common applications. For extra preparedness, it’s helpful to make a list of appliances that would be most crucial to power in the case of an outage—this will give you an idea of the type of inverter and voltage needed. In a pinch, an inverter can be a powerful tool.  

Discover the Aura Powercap and More 

The Aura Powercap battery inverter is a small but mighty solution designed for adventure. From camping and Overlanding to drone charging and boating, it’s essential to off-grid traveling. 

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