E360 battery inverter

The AURA Powercap Battery Inverter is Ready for Anything

The call of adventure is strong, beckoning us to explore new horizons and forge deeper connections with nature. But venturing off-grid shouldn't mean sacrificing the comforts of home, especially when it comes to powering your gear. Enter the AURA Powercap battery inverter, the ultimate companion for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts who crave both sustainable power and unmatched versatility.

Not Your Average Battery Inverter 

Whether we’re preparing to explore the unknown or designing a new power solution, we bring our full passion, commitment, and dedication. The AURA Powercap battery inverter is the result of that passion. The collection boasts several key differentiators that set it apart from the competition:

More Capacity, More Freedom: Imagine a weekend camping trip fueled by the AURA Powercap, where you can keep your lights on, charge your camera, and even power a small refrigerator—all without relying on generators or sacrificing the serenity of nature. Expion360's best-in-class engineering packs 60 to 95Ah of LiFePO4 battery power into the AURA Powercap, which translates into extended off-grid operation.

Safer Chemistry, Lasting Peace of Mind: At Expion360, safety comes first. That's why we've chosen LiFePO4 battery chemistry for the AURA Powercap, known for its unmatched stability and safety compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries. With an extended lifespan and increased usable power, you can explore worry-free, knowing you have reliable energy at your fingertips.

Unmatched Versatility: Powering Your Passions: The beauty of the AURA Powercap lies in its adaptability. This versatile battery inverter seamlessly converts DC (direct current) power from your E360 Group 24 lithium battery into clean AC (alternating current) electricity, usable by most appliances.

Unique AURA Powercap Use Cases 

When you cater to a community of dreamers and doers, the use cases can be especially inventive. Although the AURA Powercap performs flawlessly in traditional use cases like charging GPS systems while boondocking or running small marine appliances, the possibilities are endless. Take these examples as inspiration: 

Movie Night Under the Stars: Projecting a movie onto a makeshift screen makes for an unforgettable cinematic experience in the great outdoors. Our groundbreaking battery inverter has the muscle to power your projector for hours, transforming any campsite into a magical movie theater.

Work from Paradise: With the AURA Powercap, staying connected and productive off-grid becomes a reality. Power your laptop, charge your essential devices, and enjoy a truly remote work experience fueled by sustainable energy.

Master the Grill: The AURA Powercap isn’t limited to on-the-go applications. It can easily run a Traeger smoker for a solid six hours with enough juice left over to charge your small electronics for the rest of the weekend!

Cozy Winter Nights: Experience uninterrupted warmth on your overland journey with the AURA Powercap. With the capability to power a diesel heater for three consecutive nights, this versatile battery ensures comfort throughout your adventures, leaving ample capacity for additional pursuits along the way.

Shop the Collection 

We’ll never gatekeep premium power solutions. Explore the full AURA Powercap inverter collection: 

  • 60Ah AURA Powercap 600W Inverter Bundle
  • 80Ah AURA Powercap 600W Inverter Bundle
  • 95Ah AURA Powercap 600W Inverter Bundle
  • AURA Powercap 600W Inverter for Group 24 Batteries

  • Further empower your off-grid travels with custom mounting kits and accessories to perfectly integrate the AURA Powercap into your existing setup. 

    The Sustainable Power Revolution  

    Our in-house designed and engineered power solutions are built with premium LiFePO4 cells, undergoing rigorous quality control measures at every stage. We back this commitment with an industry-leading 12-year battery warranty for lasting peace of mind. With products like the AURA Powercap battery inverter, you have the power to explore with freedom. Time to ditch the bulky generators and embrace the sustainable power revolution.