E360 100 ah lithium battery

Battery Breakdown: E360's 100 Ah Lithium Battery

With reliable, consistent power, where would you roam? This week, we take another deep dive into our Battery Breakdown series with the 100 Ah lithium battery—a powerhouse engineered and designed to outlast. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this power solution!

Expion360’s 100 Ah Lithium Battery 

Designed for various applications—from marine vessels to van builds—the 100 Ah lithium battery (Group 27) can power long-term adventures off the grid. This high-density model has a longer life cycle, high energy density, high discharge current, is fast-charging, and is maintenance-free (as compared to lead-acid batteries). Clocking in at just under 30 pounds, it packs a punch in a highly efficient design.

The 100 Ah battery is built to optimize power and performance in demanding environments. This is achieved by: 

  • Advanced lithium chemistry: All E360 batteries are engineered with advanced LiFePO4 chemistry. They feature our UL1642 recognized stainless steel encased 26650 cylindrical cells.
  • Efficient case design: We designed our battery cases for optimal space efficiency and power performance. With built-in rubber feet, radiused corners, larger terminal connection pads, and premium fiberglass-reinforced ABS plastic, our case design sets a new industry standard. 
  • Protective cell pack: We’ve welded our lithium cells via thick copper machined collector plates to create a mechanical backbone for our BMS. 
  • Smart battery management: A “smart” BMS means you get all the advanced features for complete peace of mind.  
  • Highest safety standards: We’re one of a few companies to achieve UL1973 compliance. 

100 Ah Battery Specs

Before deciding what capacity battery you need for your application, it’s important to understand its specs in detail. Here’s how the 100 Ah battery stacks up: 

100 Ah lithium battery spec sheet

Explore the 100 Ah user manual for more detailed information. 

Expion360 User Applications 

Our customers travel all over the map in beautiful but rugged environments. We’ve built our batteries to last in the toughest conditions for a variety of applications. 

RV: Pursuing off-grid, flexible travel in remote locations requires a reliable, efficient power system. 100 Ah batteries give RV enthusiasts the smooth operation to power adventure across state lines and seasons. 

Overlanding: Overlanding vehicles can vary significantly. Our lithium batteries provide reliable, flexible power to meet the needs of these varied applications.

Marine: Choosing which capacity lithium battery you need depends on your marine vehicle's power requirements and size. A lithium power solution helps to increase performance, run appliances, and optimize space constraints.  

We’re always working on something new at Expion360. In the coming months, we look forward to the launch of our collection of lithium power solutions for residential and industrial applications. 

Backed By Warranty and Support

We believe in our batteries so much that we created a 12-year industry-leading warranty that protects customers in the case of defective materials or workmanship. In addition, our U.S.-based customer support team are experts in the lithium battery field and well-versed in anything Expion360-related. 

Support is reachable by phone at (541) 797-6714 or by email at support@expion360.com

Shop Our Full Collection 

The high-density powerhouse that is the E360 100 Ah lithium battery exceeds all expectations. We’re proud to offer a full collection of battery power options and accessories to meet your off-grid needs on land and water. Shop the online store or find a dealer near you.