120 ah lithium battery

Battery Breakdown: E360's 120 Ah Lithium Battery

When you need advanced performance, every bit of power counts. And Expion360’s extreme density battery line delivers every time. The 120 Ah lithium battery is part of that collection, a powerful and efficient addition to any application. Today, we continue the Battery Breakdown series with all the details about the 120 Ah!    

Expion360’s 120 Ah Lithium Battery 

Off-grid. Boondocking. In the middle of nowhere. Whatever you call it, when you’re far away from the beaten path, there’s a high chance you have to forge your own. And, to do so, you need a power solution built for advanced performance in demanding environments. Meet Expion360’s 120 Ah lithium battery. As part of our revolutionary extreme density line, these batteries utilize our unique 4.0Ah UL1642 recognized (file no. MH64383) stainless steel encased 26650 cylindrical cells.

When compared to our 3.4 Ah high-density cell, these batteries provide maximum power without the added weight and size—making them an ideal solution for multiple applications. Other benefits of the 120 Ah battery include: 

  • High energy density
  • High discharge current
  • Fast charging 
  • Long life cycle 
  • Maintenance free 
  • Relatively low weight (30.8 lbs) 

120 Ah Battery Specs

Before investing in a lithium battery, it’s important to understand the specs in detail. Here’s how the 120 Ah battery measures up: 

120 battery specs

Explore the 120 Ah user manual for more detailed information. 

Advanced Engineering Across Applications   

Our batteries have powered some incredible adventures. From cross-country RV trips and ground-up Overland builds to marine vessel enhancements, our customers implement our groundbreaking battery collection to power their pursuits. 

Whether you’re installing the 120 Ah lithium battery or another from our collection, the difference is in the details: 

  • Case design: Using a fiberglass-reinforced ABS plastic case means we can exceed standards for battery transport (UN 3480) and plastics flammability (UL 94V-0). 
  • Lithium chemistry: We only use the highest quality lithium iron phosphate cells for proven performance and efficiency. 
  • Cell pack: We weld cells with solid copper distribution plates to create a robust and stable attachment method for cell stacks. 
  • Smart BMS: Our high-performance, “smart” BMS mitigates under and over-temperature extremes, under and over-voltage issues, short-circuit events, and more. 
  • Safety certifications: Our impressive compliance ratings include UL1973, UL 1642, UL 94V-0, and UN 3480. 

An Industry-Leading Support and Warranty for Peace of Mind 

At Expion360, we think you should never have to go it alone (even when solo-tripping around the states). That’s why we created a specially-trained customer support team that’s easily reachable by phone at (541) 797-6714 or by email at support@expion360.com.  

In addition, our industry-leading 12-year warranty guarantees each E360 battery sold through our online shop, authorized dealers, distributors, and OE manufacturers is free of defects for 12 years from the date of purchase. 

Explore More with Expion360

Demanding applications and less-than-ideal conditions are no issue with Expion360’s 120 Ah lithium battery. Whatever your power needs are, our full collection and line of accessories offer a long-term solution. Shop the online store or find a dealer near you.