Expion360 60 ah lithium battery

Battery Breakdown: E360's 60 Ah Lithium Battery

No two customer battery needs are the exact same. Some are purchasing their first-ever lithium battery upgrade for their family RV. Others are outfitting the trolling motors in their boat. Because of these varied needs, we developed a full collection of premium lithium options. This week, we’re launching the first installment of the “Battery Breakdown” series, where we detail everything you need to know before you purchase from Expion360. Today: the 60 Ah lithium battery. 

Expion360’s 60 Ah Lithium Battery 

Our 60 Ah lithium battery (Group 24) is a small but mighty power storage system developed with advanced LiFePO4 chemistry for ultimate performance. Built to last in the toughest conditions, these batteries are great upgrade options for Overland vehicles, van builds, marine vessels, and off-grid systems. 

The 60 Ah battery is made to optimize your load and provide reliable and consistent power for your off-grid needs. Its benefits include: 

  • Long cycle life
  • High energy density 
  • High discharge current 
  • Fast charging
  • Maintenance free
  • Low weight (19.2 lbs) 

60 Ah Battery Specs 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: information equals empowerment. Whether you’ve got a ground-up build or are upgrading your current rig, knowing a battery’s specs helps determine if it’s the most efficient choice for your needs. 

60 ah lithium battery specs

Explore the 60 Ah user manual for more detailed information. 

What Makes the E360 Difference 

The difference is in the details. At Expion360, we design and engineer all our batteries from our HQ in Central Oregon to exceed the industry’s high standards and our customer’s expectations. You can see this difference in our:

Lithium Cells: All E360 batteries feature our UL1642 recognized 3.4 Ah stainless steel encased 26650 cylindrical cells. 

Case Design: The premium fiberglass reinforced ABS plastic case has built-in rubber feet, 96.7% larger terminal connection pads, radiused corners, and interior molded ribs. 

Cell Pack: Welded cells via thick copper machined collector plates create a mechanical backbone for the BMS and keep our batteries operating at top efficiency. 

Battery Management System: Our “smart” BMS includes all the features necessary for total peace of mind. 

Safety Certification: Expion360 is one of only a handful of companies to achieve UL1973 compliance for the entire 12 Volt lithium battery lineup.

Backed by a 12-Year Warranty 

When designing best-in-class batteries, ongoing protection and support was a no-brainer. The entire E360 lithium battery collection comes with an industry-leading 12-year true warranty. Alongside our U.S.-based customer support team, this warranty and guarantee ensures our customers have reliable power for years to come.

Shop Expion360’s Full Collection 

The small but powerful E360 60 Ah lithium battery exceeds all expectations. We’re proud to offer a range of battery power options to meet all off-grid needs—from remote camping to all-day fishing. Shop the entire collection for reliable, long-lasting power for your next adventure.