Deciding What Lithium Battery Accessories Are Right For Your Next Adventure

Deciding What Lithium Battery Accessories Are Right For Your Next Adventure


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There’s no way to sugarcoat it—lithium batteries are an investment. But we’ll take that a step further and say they’re an investment into your future pursuits, whether that’s a cross-country road trip or charting new waters. To protect your investment and get optimal performance from your battery, lithium battery accessories are a necessity. Don’t know which to choose? We’re breaking them down here. 

Adventure Further With Lithium Battery Accessories 

Think about any piece of technology or equipment that you own. Sure, it might function independently for a while, but most, if not all, need accessories for optimal and ongoing performance (and to keep a charge). It’s the same with lithium battery accessories. 

We spent decades designing and engineering our batteries with long-term performance across applications in mind. From our optimized case design to the cell packs and BMs within, our batteries are made to outlast. To support the heavy lifting we knew these batteries would do, we created accessories that keep them in optimal condition (even in sub-optimal conditions). 

From battery monitoring to chargers, discover which E360 accessories are right for your next big thing. 

Battery Monitoring 

A battery monitoring kit does exactly what you think it does. Knowing how much capacity you have down to the second is crucial when you're on the go. The easy-to-program and install system works with LiFePO4, lead acid, gel cell, and other lithium chemistry batteries. With the included display screen, measuring shunt (and bracket), data cable, and positive power wire, you have everything you need to show real-time power consumption and replenishment. 

This is the number one lithium battery accessory we suggest to customers across industries and use cases because of its ability to show: 

  • Available Amp hours (and Amp measurement) 
  • Percentage of capacity 
  • Runtime clock 
  • Measure watts
  • Measure volts 

View user manual for additional information.

Bus Bars 

Bus bars are solid metal bars that transfer current from one battery to another. Because battery connectivity needs vary, we carry two different types of bus bars. Our quarter-inch aluminum bar kits are made to connect G24 or G27 batteries. For more powerful connectivity, our bus bars for 360 Ah batteries are nickel-plated copper, allowing up to two 360 Ah batteries in a parallel configuration with a maximum current of 574 Amp. 

Terminal Blocks 

If you’ve got a complicated battery system, terminal blocks are a must. These nickel-plated copper accessories allow you to separate power cables in multi-connection point systems. Not only does this keep your system looking clean and organized, but it also reduces the risk of hazards like overheating. Additionally, our material strengthens them and enhances overall corrosion resistance in humid environments. 

Our terminal blocks are compatible with all E360 batteries (note: batteries are not included). 


Remember what we said about ongoing and optimal performance? Well, you can attribute much of that to these lithium battery accessories: chargers. Without them, your battery is nothing more than a unique decoration. Given their importance, we offer a few options.

DC to DC

Our premium DC to DC mobile charger is compact and easy to install and use. Made specifically for E360 batteries, we designed this charger to rapidly charge deep cycle house batteries from the vehicle alternator through the chassis battery. It additionally uses a unique two-stage constant current (CC) constant voltage (CV) charge profile at 14.6 V/25 A. 

Charger features: 

  • 25 Amp output
  • IP68
  • Potted circuitry
  • Ignition control
  • Works with all alternator types

View user manual for additional information. 

In-Vehicle DC

Expion360 has a longstanding relationship with REDARC Electronics, the world-class advanced electronics manufacturer. Their dual input in-vehicle DC chargers range from 25A to 50A and are designed to charge secondary battery banks to 100 percent while on the go. These solar-ready chargers have built-in Green Power Priority, which takes the charge from solar or portable panels. Thanks to a multi-stage algorithm charging profiles are tailored to optimal levels. 

We highly recommend these lithium battery accessories for those embarking on land or sea adventures with harsh conditions—including deep sea crossings and extreme heat. However, we advise clients that these chargers are suitable for vehicles with conventional alternator charging systems.  




Lithium Charger

Another longstanding partnership we’ve built is with Progressive Dynamics, a USA-based power conversion and accessories company. Their converter charger is designed to change AC shore power to DC power to run 12V loads while charging your lithium batteries. With converter options from 30, 60, and 80 Amps, you can optimize your power outlet with a custom lithium charging profile. 

Protect Your Investment With Lithium Battery Accessories 

Wherever you’re adventuring—and however harsh the condition—lithium battery accessories take you further and protect your battery investment. Whether you need a battery monitor for ultimate control, an in-vehicle DC charger for deep-sea fishing, or something in between, Expion360 accessories can get you there. 

Still need help deciding? Our battery specialists are here to help.