E360 4.5 amp hour battery

Introducing the Most Energy-Dense Lithium Iron Phosphate Cell: E360's 4.5 Amp Hour Battery Cell

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At Expion360, we imagine a world where off-grid adventures are limited only by your spirit of exploration, not the constraints of your battery. As a leading innovator in premium LiFePO4 batteries, we’re proud to announce a groundbreaking leap forward in energy density: our new 4.5 amp hour battery cell. Translation? The power to adventure more, for longer. 

Understanding Amp Hours: The Powerhouse Within

Before diving into the specifics of our new 4.5 amp hour battery cell, a little refresher on amp hours (Ah). Ah is a unit of electrical capacity that measures the total amount of current a battery can deliver over time. The higher the Ah rating, the more amp-hours a battery can provide.

When debating your power needs for off-grid venturing, it’s important to note that a higher Ah rating also means that the battery can store more energy and deliver it for a longer duration. This translates directly to real-world benefits for our customers and was a driving factor in creating the most energy-dense lithium iron phosphate cells.

4.5 Amp Hour Battery Cells: Unpacking the Benefits

Think about the adventures you've dreamt of—venturing deeper into uncharted wilderness or extending your boondocking escapades. Compared to the industry-standard 3.4 amp-hour cell, Expion360’s 4.5 Ah battery cell unlocks a new era of off-grid possibilities with a staggering 32% increase in energy density. This means: 

Increased Runtime: Power your devices and appliances for longer. Whether you're navigating remote trails on your Overland adventure or enjoying an extended weekend boondocking with your RV, our 4.5 Ah cells will keep you powered for longer.

Reduced System Weight and Size: In many applications, reducing weight and size is critical. With the increased energy density of our 4.5 Ah cells, you can achieve the same power level with a smaller, lighter battery bank. This is especially true in applications where weight and space are at a premium (such as Overland rigs and marine vehicles).

Future-Proofing Your Power: As your energy needs evolve, the increased capacity of our lithium cells provides a buffer for future power demands. This ensures your battery system can continue to meet your needs as you add new appliances or devices to your off-grid setup.

Where Innovation Meets Sustainability

At Expion360, we're driven by a dual passion: advancing sustainable energy solutions and empowering the off-grid adventurer. Our 4.5 Ah battery cell perfectly embodies this. We utilize premium LiFePO4 chemistry, renowned for its safety, longevity, and exceptional cycle life.

Combined with our commitment to cutting-edge design and engineering, these energy-dense cells offer the perfect blend of power, efficiency, and sustainability for the modern adventurer and off-grid enthusiast.

The Future of Off-Grid Power Is Here

Launching our 4.5 amp hour battery cell isn't just a technological breakthrough; it's a call to action. It's an invitation to explore further, push boundaries, and live a life powered by clean, sustainable energy. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer, a budding off-grid enthusiast, or someone who simply craves energy independence, Expion360's advanced cells offer the power and innovation to propel you forward. Shop the future of exploration here.