Expion360 group 24 battery

Deep Cycle Power With Expion360's Group 24 Battery Options

Name something more exhilarating than wheels to road or boat to water at the start of a new adventure. We’ll wait. The endless possibilities of the open road or water are made safer, more efficient, and long-lasting with the addition of a deep cycle power option. Today, we’re highlighting how Expion360’s Group 24 battery options help our customers power their pursuits. 

Deep Cycle Batteries Defined 

At their most basic, deep cycle batteries are rechargeable power options that can withstand repeated charging and discharging cycles. When these batteries first hit the market, there were two options: flooded lead-acid (FLA) and absorbed glass mat (AGM). With lithium-ion advancements—specifically that of LiFePO—deep cycle power options became more efficient, durable, and longer-lasting. 

Its key characteristics include: 

  • Deep discharge capability (our batteries can be discharged down to 100% depth of discharge) 
  • High energy density 
  • Wide operating temperature range (E360 charging temperature is 32 ℉ to 140℉ for most batteries) 
  • Fast charging
  • Lightweight (50% lighter than traditional lead-acid) 
  • Long lasting (E360 has 10 times the life cycle than traditional lead-acid) 
  • Seamless integration with solar energy 
  • Use across applications—from RV to marine

At Expion360, we’ve engineered our entire battery collection with deep-cycle capabilities so our customers can power adventure further—no matter the application. 

Expion360’s Group 24 Battery Collection 

The “Group 24” name for a battery denotes a standard size designation—set by the Battery Council International (BCI)—for marine and automotive batteries. The group number corresponds to specific electrical characteristics, terminal placement, and a set of dimensions. For a Group 24 battery, that means a standard size of around 10.24” x 6.81” x 8.59.” 

The specifics of Expion360’s Group 24 batteries include: 

12V 60Ah Group 24

The high-density model features our UL1642 recognized 3.4Ah stainless steel encased 26650 cylindrical cells. This 12-volt battery has a capacity of 60 ampere-hours and clocks in at just over 19 pounds. 

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12V 80Ah Group 24

This high-density model can be applied across applications from van builds to marine vessels. Its 3.4Ah 26650 cylindrical cells are encased in stainless steel, and it has a capacity of 80 ampere-hours. Small but mighty, this 12-volt Group 24 battery weighs 24 pounds. 

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12V 95Ah Group 24

As the highest-capacity Group 24 option, this 12-volt battery has 95 ampere-hours with our unique 4.0Ah stainless steel encased cylindrical cells for maximum power. Part of our revolutionary extreme-density line, this battery weighs just over 25 pounds.    

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60Ah AURA Powercap 600W Inverter Bundle

When coupled with the industry-leading AURA Powercap, our deep cycle batteries allow you to easily power 120V AC appliances and sensitive electronics. This model's 12-volt, 10-ampere-hour power port features one PD, one USB-C, and two USB-A charge ports for more robust and long-lasting power. 

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80Ah AURA Powercap 600W Inverter Bundle

The 80Ah and AURA bundle functions similarly to its 60Ah counterpart, with the added ampere-hours of the 80Ah battery. Additionally, it has a 12-volt, 10-ampere-hour power port with one PD, one USB-C, and two USB-A charging capabilities. 

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95Ah AURA Powercap 600W Inverter Bundle

The last in the collection is the 95Ah AURA Powercap bundle, which allows you to power 120V AC appliances and sensitive electronics with ease. With a 12-volt, 10-ampere hour power port, you have reliable and efficient power wherever adventure takes you. 

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Necessary Accessories to Go Further  

At Expion360, we’re of the opinion that you can’t optimize your off-grid exploration without the right accessories. For our Group 24 options, these accessories include the following. 

Group 24 Snap-Top Battery Box: A secure and durable storage solution for all Group 24 batteries. Main features include locking tabs, reinforced plastic handles, ventilation for battery vapors, and resistance to UV, oil, gas, and other contaminants. 

Thermal Jacket Kit: You wouldn’t leave home without your jacket; neither should your battery. Our nylon thermal jacket kit features a carbon fiber heating element, a DC master switch, and a convenient peel-and-stick application. 

Bus Bars for Group 24 or Group 27 Batteries: Designed to parallel connect the Group 24 and 27 batteries, bus bars create a higher-capacity battery bank. Also available in extended length

E360 Portable and Foldable Solar Panel: One of the hallmarks of the Group 24 battery is its integration with solar power. E360’s 120-watt foldable and portable solar panel has a powerful output with ultimate convenience. 

Single, Dual, and Triple Mounting Kits: Depending on how many batteries you need for your application, mounting kits come in single, dual, and triple and feature a powder-coated mounting tray, T-bolts, mounting clips, and hardware. 

AURA Powercap 600W Inverter: If you already have a Group 24 battery installed in your application but need the convenience of a mobile power station, the AURA Powercap is packed with features to make portable and off-grid charging a breeze.  

More Power for All Your Pursuits  

Deep-cycle lithium batteries are the gold standard of off-grid travel—and Expion360’s options are leading the pack. For seamless integration and high-powered performance, trust our batteries to take you further.