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Take Your Expion360 Battery Further With These Victron Energy Accessories

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Every system in your vehicle or boat is designed to work together. The fuel tank communicates with the dashboard. The door latches with the frame to lock. And a lithium battery provides power when exploring off-grid places on land and water. Just as these systems work together, so do we with like-minded industry partners! The Victron Energy accessories we now feature in our shop take our batteries to the next level with efficiency and longevity. 

Why We’ve Partnered with Victron Energy  

Victron Energy is a Netherlands-based company that’s been creating high-quality battery-based energy systems since 1975. We were first drawn to the company because of its incredible quality, range of products, and the employees’ commitment to making off-grid adventures possible. The internationally renowned company is known for its electronic accessories that surround the battery and power system. 

With the Expion360-Victron partnership, we can now bring these high-quality products to our customers to complement our lithium batteries and optimize their performance. 

Victron Energy Accessories Across Applications 

With that said, let’s dive into the newly-launched Victron Energy accessories now available in our shop. 

Monitors and Controls 

Having a reliable monitor is a game-changer for off-grid performance. Victron’s monitors, like the Smart Battery Monitor and MPPT Control, use smart tech to pair easily with most of their products and boost functionality. Other control systems, like the Color Control GX and GX Touch, are display accessories with at-a-glance information about your system. 

Fuses and Fuse Holders

Victron’s fuses and fuse holders range from ANL-fuse and MEGA-fuse to MIDI-fuse and fuses for Lynx shunt. Whatever the type, these fuses are designed to protect your batteries from damaging (and dangerous) overcurrent and overcharging. 


To power domestic equipment, you need an inverter. Victron’s line of inverters includes those like the line of Phoenix Inverters (including the 12/800 120V) and MultiPlus/MultiPlus Compact lines (including the 12/3000 120-50). 

Chargers and Converters

Chargers and converters vary widely depending on your vehicle size, type, application, and off-grid goals. With Victron, you can find everything from innovative chargers that use Bluetooth to those that use a seven-stage adaptive charge algorithm. For even more complex systems, Victron has Buck-Boost DC/DC converters. 


With over 40 years in the industry, Victron designs and manufactures for practically every off-grid need. 

These include: 

Victron Power Systems 

If you’re looking for more curated bundles, these power systems pair the right Victron Energy accessories with E360 batteries. 

Victron Explorer 100 Ah Power Bundle: Perfect for compact travel trailers, truck campers, and overland trailers with minimal power needs, like a long weekend off-grid. 

Victron Overland 200 Ah Power Bundle: For medium-sized travel trailers, large truck campers, smaller fifth wheels, and motor coaches with plenty of power for trips off-grid. 

Victron Voyager 300 Ah Power Bundle: Perfect for medium and larger-sized travel trailers, larger truck campers, motor coaches, and fifth wheels with plenty of power for longer-term off-grid travel. 

Victron Boondocker 400 Ah Power Bundle: As the most powerful bundle, this is perfect for larger-sized travel trailers, truck campers, fifth wheels, and motor coaches with plenty of power for extended time off-grid. 

Take Your Adventure Further with Expion360 

Just like a weekend trip off-grid with buddies, Expion360 is better together with Victron Energy accessories. Explore over 120 Victron products on our site (at the shop or using the search function with “Victron”) to find the best accessories for your next adventure.