E360 lithium golf cart battery

Introducing Expion360's Lithium Golf Cart Battery

With golf season in full swing, there’s no better time to introduce Expion360’s new lithium golf cart battery! These Bluetooth-capable batteries are engineered to up your golf game, making your cart more efficient and safer and monitoring your levels more convenient. Let’s explore the details of the new collection! 

Welcome to the Collection: E360 Lithium Golf Cart Battery 

We’ve been on a mission to create best-in-class lithium batteries to power the pursuit—whatever that pursuit may be. After years of planning, designing, and engineering, our lithium golf cart battery stands up to our standard of safe, reliable power. 

We’re launching the line with our 48 Volt GC2 battery with an impressive capacity of 36 Ah. We’ve engineered these batteries with our Extreme Density 4.0 Ah UL1642 ( (file no. MH64383) recognized stainless steel encased 26650 cylindrical cells. 

The resulting golf cart battery has superior durability, reliability, and longevity. 

Main Features 

These full-featured batteries have everything you need to stay on the green for longer. 

Lighter Load: Lithium Bluetooth batteries are up to 50% lighter than their lead-acid counterparts. And a lighter load means more efficient movement on the course. In other words, more clubs, less lug. 

Safer Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries never leak corrosive sulfuric acid, flammable electrolytes, or harmful fumes. They also don’t require ventilation, which means they can be installed and stored without posing a risk in unventilated spaces. 

CANBus Connection: This capability allows for efficient and reliable communication between the battery and cart, thanks to its seamless integration with golf cart systems. 

Efficient Energy Usage: We’ve engineered our batteries for three times the energy density, which means you get more power per charge. 

Solid Brass Terminals: Oversized brass terminals ensure a strong and reliable connection that optimizes conductivity and reduces electrical resistance. 

ABS Case: Our battery case provides exceptional durability and protection with a rugged construction that stands up against the rigors of golf cart usage on any course you find yourself playing.

12-Year Warranty: All Expion360 products are backed by a 12-year true warranty for long-term peace of mind.

Ongoing Support: On the green or on the go, the E360 US-based customer support team is ready to help.

Bluetooth Capability: This one needs its own section (see below). 

Benefits of Bluetooth Batteries 

One of the distinctive features of our golf cart battery is the Bluetooth capability. With them, we provide customers with all the benefits of LiFePO4 (see above) combined with leading Bluetooth technology

The main benefits include: 

Greater Convenience  

Connecting your battery via a smartphone or tablet means you can monitor from anywhere. If your battery is running low, you can make a charge plan well ahead of when you’d have to abandon your cart and continue on foot. If you have more than one cart connected to the app, it also makes for convenient at-a-glance looks at your fleet. 

Robust Monitoring

Our SmartTalk Bluetooth golf batteries have a built-in smart BMS alongside their Bluetooth capabilities, so you can monitor your battery’s status—from charging to temperature changes—for ultimate peace of mind. This in-depth monitoring at the tip of your fingers helps prevent damage and extends the life of your battery. 

SmartTalk App Innovation 

Unique to Expion360 is the groundbreaking SmartTalk Bluetooth app. With this cutting-edge software, golf cart owners can wirelessly monitor individual and system battery performance with real-time data with a comprehensive system view. The additional CAN Bus communication seamlessly integrates with golf cart systems and maximizes overall battery life and performance.  

Stay on the Green Longer with E360  

With our lithium golf cart battery, we’ve brought together the best industry features trusted by off-grid adventurers onto the course. With industry-leading technology and engineering backed by warranty and support, these batteries are setting a new benchmark for golf cart power. 

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