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Why Our Marine Lithium Batteries Keep You On The Water Longer

Marine recreation can be highly unpredictable. When a storm system rolls in and the tides change, you need reliable and consistent power. Marine lithium batteries consistently perform to the highest caliber in extreme conditions. Whether you cast your line on a lake, river, or ocean, we’re detailing how our E360 batteries keep you on the water longer.  

Marine Lithium Batteries Made to Last 

Traditional boat batteries are heavy and clunky—not adjectives conducive to a smooth boating experience. Compared to lead-acid, marine lithium batteries are made to support various boating needs, whether you’re outfitting trolling motors or installing a battery to operate your cabin electronics. At Expion360, we design and engineer our batteries to withstand the harshest marine conditions with power and efficiency. 

To keep you on the water longer, we’ve given our batteries the following features: 

50% Lighter

One of the most crucial considerations when choosing marine lithium batteries is weight. We engineered our batteries to be half the weight of traditional lead acid batteries for optimal efficiency, performance, and speed. 

3x More Energy Dense

Our batteries punch above their weight class when it comes to energy efficiency. To achieve this, we’ve reimagined lithium battery design from the inside out. The combination of cells welded with thick copper/tin machined collector plates, mechanical backbones for the BMS, and high-grade wiring and ring terminals throughout gives our batteries three times the energy density. 

10x the Life Cycle 

Remember that part about keeping you on the water longer? Expion360 lithium batteries have ten times the lifecycle. That means tenfold the lifetime of your battery investment and more days doing what you love out on the water. 

3x the Recovery 

A recharge doesn’t have to stop your entire day. With three times the recovery, you can charge faster, save time, and move further. 

When you’re on the water, these details can be the difference between a good day and a bad one.

Backed By Leading Warranty and Support 

In addition to a reimagined battery, we’re also leading the charge on warranty and support. Because we know batteries are an investment into your pursuits—on and off the water—we provide a 12-year true warranty for ultimate peace of mind. 

When in need, our U.S.-based customer support team—trained in lithium technology—can troubleshoot and answer any questions. With this warranty and support, we’re fully backing up our products and customers. 

E360 Ambassadors Using Our Marine Lithium Batteries 

There’s no better way to show how our batteries keep avid marine recreators on the water than by example! These E360 Ambassadors have decades of experience on the water for professional and personal reasons and choose our batteries time and time again.  

Brent Chapman

Throughout his career, Brent has qualified for 13 Bassmaster Classics, five FLW championships, and competed in the Bassmaster Elite Series from 1997 to 2019. During it all, he’s worked with Expion360 batteries to give him peace of mind and keep him on the water all week. 

James Dill

James’ lifelong passion for fishing has earned him numerous Top Ten finishes and Big Bass wins. Most recently, James has brought his experience to the Lake of the Ozarks as a U.S. Coast Guard License Captain. For his many fishing adventures, tours, and events, he chooses E360 marine lithium batteries. 

Andy Newcomb

Another pro fisherman using E360 is Andy Newcomb, who is in his second year touring the MLF Tackle Warehouse Invitationals. With our batteries, he can fish all day without working about power loss with his trolling motor or electronics. 

Chris Whisenant 

Last in the lineup is Chris Whisenant. A National Professional Fishing League Pro, Chris has over 20 years of tournament fishing experience using, you guessed it, E360 batteries. 

Go Further and Stay Longer with Expion360! 

Whatever reason you’re on the water, you need a battery built for the long haul. Expion360’s marine lithium batteries are built with longevity, reliability, and safety in mind. With less weight, faster recoveries, and better energy use, you can get the most out of your investment. Shop our line of batteries and accessories for all your marine recreation needs!