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Our DC Charger Options Power Your Batteries for the Long Haul

When it comes to punching above its weight class, a DC charger is the champion. To give in to your on-the-go whims, you need a charger to do the same. Our line of DC chargers is built to keep your lithium batteries going for land and water adventuring. Today we’re breaking down our full charge and convert series to help you choose the right accessories for your power needs. 

DC Charger 101

A direct current (DC) charger plays a vital role in ensuring optimal performance and power management for lithium batteries in a vehicle. Specifically designed to charge lithium batteries, this charger efficiently converts the vehicle's DC power (typically from the alternator) into the appropriate voltage and current required to recharge the batteries.

By connecting the DC charger to the vehicle's electrical system, it taps into the available power source and channels it directly to the lithium batteries. The charger regulates the charging process, ensuring that the batteries receive the correct charging profile, including the right voltage and current levels, to ensure safe and efficient charging.

What Sets These Chargers Apart?  

With that said, not all DC chargers are engineered the same. Over the years, we’ve developed a DC charger line that includes our engineering and designs in addition to those from REDARC Electronics and Victron Energy.

These are elements that set our charger line apart. 

Higher current output 

The DC chargers featured on the E360 shop maximize the main battery charge. The REDARC BCDC1250D, for example, was developed to provide a higher current output and features a charging stage known as SoftStart to handle more demanding applications. 


The entire collection of DC chargers showcased in our shop offer maximum compatibility and versatility. These chargers are designed to be compatible with various types of batteries, including standard lead-acid, AGM, and LiFeP04, and Calcium batteries. We understand that our customers travel to remote locations, which is why most of our chargers are capable of charging both solar and alternator power sources simultaneously, ensuring optimal performance even in places where accessing solar power is challenging.

Others in the collection, like those from Victron, feature built-in Bluetooth. 

Ready for all terrains and environments 

Those rugged environments we mentioned? We know they’re host to all sorts of terrains and weather systems. Our charger line has been proven to work in all conditions, including deep water crossings, and stand up against extreme heat. They’re also fully sealed against infiltration from water and dust. 

Unique charging profile 

When it comes to our proprietary line, our unique 2-stage constant current (CC) constant voltage (CV) profile ensures batteries are charged quickly and safely. 

Compact and powerful

The chargers we feature on the shop are chosen because of their small but mighty characteristics. The E360 mobile charger, for example, is a fraction of the size of others, easy to install, and simple to use (and boasts a 25 Amp output with IP68 water resistance).

Green Power Priority and UL Certification

With additional features like Green Power Priority (REDARC chargers for solar operations), UL certifications, and warranties, our collection is made for optimal, long-term performance.

Other Accessories to Charge and Convert 

Although the DC charger is an essential component of any off-grid adventure, it’s not the end-all-be-all of charging needs. We’ve recently expanded our shop to include a robust “Charge and Convert” category so that you can find the right accessories for your power needs. 

AC-DC Converters: Designed to transform alternating current (AC) power into DC power, allowing the utilization of AC power sources for DC-powered devices.

DC-DC Converters: For converting one DC voltage level to another, providing efficient voltage regulation and power conversion for various applications.

Charger/MPPT: Designed to keep your auxiliary battery charged when driving, or with a solar power source when parked.

Chargers: A diverse lineup of chargers with a wide range of voltage options and capabilities to cater to different charging needs.

Inverter/Chargers: A versatile device that converts DC power from a battery or other DC source into AC power for operating AC appliances, while also functioning as a battery charger to recharge the battery when external AC power is available.

Inverters: Converts DC power from a battery or other DC source into AC power, allowing for the operation of AC appliances and devices.

Solar Charge Controllers: Regulates and controls the charging process of a solar panel, ensuring the optimal charging of batteries by managing the flow of solar energy.

Explore the DC Charger Line and More on the E360 Shop 

Investing in off-grid adventuring requires a lithium battery that can take you the extra mile—and a charger that will keep you clocking those miles as long as you want. Explore our DC charger line (included in expertly bundled power systems) and more on the Expion360 shop

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