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Our Deep Cycle Batteries Last Longer, Go Further, and Recover Faster

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The first things that come to mind when most of us think about a battery cycle are likely our smartphone or car. For small electronics, we’re reminded of a charge cycle when we plug them in at night. For larger batteries, like those in cars, we likely don’t think of them until they fail us. A deep cycle battery follows a similar concept of charges per cycle and overall battery life, but on a much larger—and more closely monitored—scale. Instead of phone charges, you’re thinking about charges that will get you from point A to Z—with Z being far off-grid. Today, we’re detailing how our deep cycle batteries are the best choice to power your off-grid pursuits. 

Deep Cycle Batteries: The Power to Do More 

Unlike the high bursts of energy used to start an engine, deep cycle batteries steadily provide power over a longer period. For off-grid travel via RV, van, or boat, these batteries are the perfect sustainable energy solution. 

When shopping around for a rechargeable battery, three options are readily available: flooded lead-acid, absorbed glass mat (AGM), and lithium-ion (Li-Ion). With the advancement of battery engineering and chemistry, lithium-ion has become the gold standard for its advanced safety, efficiency, and energy density. 

In general, a deep cycle battery is engineered to withstand deep discharges and consecutive recharging recycles without damage or loss of capacity. Particularly in the case of Li-Ion, these batteries have a greater depth of discharge than standard batteries, making them a reliable power supply for off-grid travel. Given their unique chemistries, they require proper upkeep and regular monitoring to ensure optimal performance. 

Benefits of E360’s Batteries

At Expion360, our LiFePO4 chemistry takes standard lithium-ion deep cycle batteries a step further. With our proprietary engineering and design, our batteries are designed to be lighter, more energy dense, and last longer. 

This is thanks to: 

Lithium Cells

Rather than the lead plates in traditional batteries, we use the highest-grade lithium iron phosphate encased in steel. These meet the impeccable safety standards of the UL1642 to avoid the risk of fire or explosion when working with this battery chemistry. The resulting batteries are more reliable, stable, and safe. 

Case Design 

We considered every variable when designing our deep cycle battery cases—from material and ventilation to sealing and size. Our cases include built-in rubber feet, radiused corners, interior molded ribs, 96.7% larger terminal connection pads, and the highest-grade ABS plastics with fire retardancy. 

Cell Pack

The lithium battery cells are the heart of the entire operation. The cell pack’s job is to keep our batteries as powerful and efficient as possible. To meet that goal, we’ve welded our cells via thick copper/tin machined collector plates, welded interior pack points, used high-grade ring terminals and wiring, and treated connections with industrial epoxy. To take things further, we’ve created a mechanical backbone for the BMS by adding a press broke flange at each end. 


If you remember our Battery Management System (BMS) blog, you know its importance in battery safety and performance. Our “smart” BMS has features like low-temp discharge, short circuit protection, auto-shutoff, and overcurrent disconnect for system operations you can trust. By bolting our BMS board, we eliminated all unnecessary solder and created one cohesive pack.  


Lastly, E360 is one of a handful of lithium battery companies to achieve the rigorous UL 1973 compliance, which tests the safety of energy storage systems and components. As our CEO, Brian Schaffner put it: “UL 1973 compliance demonstrates our continued commitment to safety in the outdoor recreational industry, which is the cornerstone to all our battery designs.

Industries We Serve 

Off-grid adventures can start from anywhere, land or sea. Our proprietary battery technology delivers clean, minimal-footprint power storage for the RV, Overlanding, marine, and golf industries. 


The power to explore in your home away from home is possible with Expion360’s deep cycle batteries engineered for the smoothest possible operation of your RV. E360 has the honor of being the exclusive supplier of Imperial Outdoors’ new RV camper models. 


Overlanding requires self-reliance and a power system advanced and reliable enough to take you anywhere. For our Overland community, we manufacture batteries that make efficient use of weight and space but still deliver on power needs. We’re proud to be the exclusive supplier of Cube Series’ hard-sided foldable camper compatible with trucks like the Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado.


Our marine customers implement our batteries on salt and fresh water for their recreational and professional fishing pursuits. From outfitting trolling motors to operating cabin electronics, our batteries withstand harsh marine conditions. E360 is proud to sponsor and work alongside ambassadors and fishing pros like Brent Chapman, James Dill, Chris Whisenant, and Andy Newcomb. 


As of July 2023, Expion360 expanded our battery use cases to the golf industry with innovative Bluetooth-enabled golf batteries that keep our customers on the course longer. Along with the features that set our batteries apart, this collection includes fully integrated monitoring tech via the SmartTalk app. 

Deep Cycle Batteries and More On the E360 Shop

When you’re off-grid and powering appliances, a regular battery won’t do. You need a deep cycle battery to emit a steady amount of power to keep your adventures going as far as the wanderlust takes you. Expion360’s line of deep cycle batteries, accessories, and power systems last longer, go further, and recover faster thanks to industry-leading tech and design.

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