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Keep the Lights On (and More) Off-Grid With E360's Overland Battery Options

Van life brings a whole new meaning to homes in different time zones. While finding new paths to forge across state lines, you need an Overland battery to keep the lights on (and more) for off-grid living. At Expion360, our expertly engineered batteries and accessories keep the power running and you moving toward the next big thing. 

Power More with Your Overland Battery Setup 

Overlanding is all about versatility, including the type of vehicle you convert! Because this ranges from 4x4 SUVs to sprinter vans and everything in between, no two power needs will be the same. One thing that should stay true? Your Overland battery setup should be able to power any and all necessary accessories to keep off-grid living comfortable and convenient. 

This includes:


When you post up for the night, a good lighting system is key to making your temporary site feel like home. Lithium batteries easily power camp lights, lanterns, and even string lights. 


Dehydrated food and campfire food hacks are great for a weekend camping trip. When you’re Overlanding for weeks or months, you need a portable fridge and/or freezer. E360 lithium batteries power these appliances to keep perishable food fresh without reliance on external power sources. 

Water Pumps & Shower Systems 

Potable water is arguably the most important component of making any space livable (no matter how far off the grid). Lithium batteries can power water pumps to filter and treat water or portable showers, which do much more than provide personal hygiene. They can also serve as a way to clean gear, wash utensils, and put out fires.

Portable Power Stations 

Power stations up your power game when Overlanding. Because they charge and power multiple accessories simultaneously, these stations feature AC outlets, DC outputs, USB ports, and solar input options. This includes portable power inverters (like the incredible AURA 600) that convert DC power to AC power. 

GPS Systems 

When off-grid, seeing any bars on your mobile devices is shocking. In that case, you have to turn to lithium-powered GPS devices to get where you need to go.

Communication & Entertainment Devices 

An Overland battery setup, at its most basic, is practical. Powering communications devices like radios and satellite phones allows for extra security, especially when traveling alone in remote locations. 

But what’s off-gird living without some entertainment? E360 lithium batteries can also power things like portable speakers, projectors, and televisions. 


Lastly, if you’re documenting your adventures off-grid, chances are you have a drone. Your battery can recharge the drone when unused to ensure it keeps up with you. 

The E360 Difference 

Our premium lithium battery collection ranges from 60 Ah to Extreme Density 360 Ah. 

Lightweight: Clocking in at 50% lighter than its counterparts means E360 batteries lighten your load to improve mpg and handling. 

Long Lasting: Ten times the lifecycle means ten times the investment. 

Fast Charging: Charging three times faster reduces wait times to use appliances, charge accessories, and travel further. 

More Usable Energy: With three times the energy density, you can power more appliances for longer. 

Don’t Forget These Necessary Off-Grid Accessories 

An Overland battery is essential for off-grid adventuring but is not the only necessity. At Expion360, we’ve curated the best line of accessories in the industry by partnering with leaders like Victron Energy and REDARC Electronics to extend your investment.

Keep your appliances running smoothly with these must-have Overland accessories: 

  • Extension cord: Our line of AC port plugs includes 16-inch, 18-inch, 6-foot, and 12-foot options for optimal flexibility. 
  • Battery monitors and control: External and portable monitoring keeps you in control of your battery levels and prepared for anything. Shop the collection from the Digital Multi Control to the GX Touch
  • Battery protect: Disconnect your battery from non-essential loads and protect your investment with a Battery Protect
  • UTP cable: Optimize connections with a UTP cable in 0.3m to 30m
  • Mounting kit: Secure your battery with a robust mounting kit designed with a clean, slim profile to add structural integrity to your battery.
  • Redarc Redvision Distribution Module and Display: Used to control, monitor, and power multiple on-board devices such as lights, water pumps, and accessories. 

Go Further with Expion360

It’s called “van life” for a reason—when done right, you can live right from your rig and enjoy the conveniences of home wherever you roam. With an Expion360 Overland battery setup (and necessary accessories), you can power all your appliances and accessories from anywhere. Explore the full collection at the E360 shop.