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Should You Upgrade to E360 Lithium Batteries for RV Travel?

The short answer is yes! Our expertly engineered batteries are built to the highest performance and safety standards. They’re also designed to replace the traditional lead-acid batteries typically placed in RVS with more energy density, faster recovery, and a longer lifecycle. For the longer answer, keep reading!

Upgrade to Lithium Batteries for RV Usage If…

Whether you're new to RV travel or have a tried-and-trusted vehicle, you might wonder if it's worth upgrading to a lithium battery. Here are four situations where the level-up makes sense. 

…You have weight or space restrictions

Lithium batteries are the sleeker, more compact cousin of lead-acid. Although both have similar goals—rechargeable power—everything from their chemistries to their form factors differ. In fact, this very chemistry and design make lithium batteries significantly lighter (50 percent) and more space efficient. When home is on the road in an RV, flexible installation, sleek profiles, and fuel efficiency are game-changers. 

…You want to save on overall cost 

It’s true that the ticket price on lithium batteries for RV use is steeper than your run-of-the-mill lead-acid. However, this upfront investment equals cost savings in the long run. That’s because upgrading to a LiFePO4 battery has a longer lifespan (see next point), leads to greater fuel efficiency (see point above), and can withstand more charge cycles. Paying more now means less regret (and fewer issues) later. 

…You plan to use your RV for years to come

To the point of lithium batteries having a higher sticker price: they simply last longer. With 10 times the lifespan of lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion can withstand much more rigorous applications for longer. What’s more, they also can take on a higher number of charge-discharge cycles, charge at a faster rate, and can be discharged at a lower state of charge (DoD). All these elements equal RV adventures for years to come. 

…You don’t want to deal with frequent maintenance

Let’s be honest: who has time for systems to fail and components to break? Lithium batteries are practically maintenance-free, especially when utilizing a battery monitor to track the BMS’s reports. What’s more, upgrading to lithium gives greater peace of mind, given its more stable voltage and safety certifications. 

RV-Specific Power Bundles 

If you’re ready to make the switch, Expion360 makes it easy for you. While you can certainly buy batteries and accessories a la carte, our engineers have also curated RV-specific bundles. 

E360 Voyager 300 Ah Power Bundle

The Expion360 300 Ah bundle provides plenty of power for an extended getaway. 

e360 lithium battery bundle

Victron Voyager 300 Ah Power Bundle

In partnership with Victron Energy, this power bundle includes everything you need for off-grid RV adventuring. 

victron bundle, lithium batteries for RV

REDARC Voyager 300 Ah Power Bundle 

A bundle built for the serious off-grid adventurer featuring E360 lithium batteries for RV and REDARC Electronics accessories. 

redarc bundle, lithium batteries for RV

Need Advice? The Expion360 Experts Can Guide You 

At Expion360, we design and engineer lithium batteries for RV enthusiasts. For those who want to upgrade their recreational pursuits with optimized space, cost efficiency, longevity, and maintenance needs, Expion360 has a battery (or power bundle) to get them there. Contact our expert support team to walk you through options at (541) 797-6714 or shop our industry-leading products online.