Expion360 Achieves UL 1973 Safety Compliance

Expion360 Achieves UL 1973 Safety Compliance

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Expion360, Inc., an RV lithium batteries and accessories supplier, has achieved UL 1973 compliance for its 60-120 amp-hour (Ah) batteries.

UL 1973 compliance is a UL standard used to affirm the energy storage systems’ and components’ safety. The safety compliance signifies that the company’s group 24 and group 27 lithium batteries conform with low-voltage system standards.

The standards assure the batteries have a management or protection system that prevents thermal runaway, or chain reaction overheating. The protection system provides safety in high/low voltage situations and temperatures while limiting high current output and supporting cell balancing.

Expion360 worked directly with accredited third-party testing group Testing Engineers International (TEI) to complete testing and achieve TEI listing to meet UL 1973 standards. TEI’s certification confirms that Expion360’s group 24 and group 27 lithium batteries series meet or exceed important safety standards, as well as meet customer needs.

“UL 1973 compliance demonstrates our continued commitment to safety in the outdoor recreational industry, which is the cornerstone to all our battery designs,” said John Yozamp, Experion360 CEO. “Meeting the UL 1973 compliance standard was imperative in our continual success and an important milestone for Expion360. We believe the certification supports the greater market adoption of our innovative lithium battery power solutions, where RV, marine and other users can replace their gas or propane-powered generators with our proprietary battery technology, which delivers clean, highly dense, and minimal-footprint power storage.”

The UL 1973 standard was added to the 2020 edition of RV Industry Association/American National Standards Institute, “Standard for Low Voltage Systems in Conversion and Recreational Vehicles.”

Expion360 supplies lithium batteries and accessories for the recreational vehicle, outdoor, marine, residential, and industrial industries. The company sources, assembles and white-labels components and finished products. Expion360 uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) as its battery chemistry.

Founded in 2016 by the company’s CEO, John Yozamp, Expion360 designs and engineers its batteries at the company headquarters in Redmond, Oregon.