Expion360 CEO Invited Back to Big Biz Show to Discuss New Home Energy Solution for the Energy Trilemma

Expion360 CEO Invited Back to Big Biz Show to Discuss New Home Energy Solution for the Energy Trilemma

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REDMOND, OR / ACCESSWIRE / May 9, 2023 / Expion360, Inc. (NASDAQ:XPON), an industry leader in lithium-ion battery power storage solutions, announced its CEO, Brian Schaffner, returned as a featured guest on the popular Big Biz Show, an Emmy Award-winning, nationally syndicated radio and TV program.

The show aired on cable TV and streaming services, including Roku, as well as on radio via The Biz Talk Radio Network, Armed Forces Radio and iHeart Media in 175 countries.

Podcasts of the show are now available on iHeart Radio, Apple Podcasts, Speaker.com and TuneIn, as well as to subscribers of biztv.com or ytaclub.com.

The video of the interview is also available on company's website here.

The Expion360 CEO discussed how the design, materials and construction of the company's e360 lithium-ion batteries are superior to the competition. He also revealed how Expion360 is preparing to expand into new, high growth market verticals, such as home energy storage.

"Great to be invited back by Sully and his Big Biz team to discuss our new home energy storage solution that we're on track to launch next year," commented Schaffner. "We are designing it to effectively solve the ‘Energy Trilemma' of reliability, affordability and sustainability."

"I also enjoyed talking about our fantastic e360 batteries and our growing distribution network of OEM partners looking to achieve more power, better reliability and superior quality for their energy storage needs," added Schaffner.

Over the last few months, the company reported several major OEM wins, including being selected as the exclusive strategic supplier for an award-winning overland RV trailer branded by a top U.S. sports utility vehicle manufacturer and sold through its more than 5,000 dealerships across North America.

Expion360 completed a successful IPO on the Nasdaq Capital Market in April of last year as a unique pure play in its markets under the symbol "XPON."


About the Big Biz Show

Widely regarded as "Business with a Bite," the Big Biz Show is an Emmy Award-winning nationally syndicated radio and TV program. The fast-talking, hard-hitting show is hosted by Bob "Sully" Sullivan, who is also a weekly contributor on the FOX Business Network. For more information, go to bigbizshow.com.

About Expion360

Expion360 is an industry leader of premium lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries and accessories for recreational vehicles and marine applications,with residential and industrial applications under development.

The company's lithium batteries feature half the weight of standard lead-acid batteries while delivering three times the power and 10 times the number of charging cycles. Expion360 batteries also feature better construction and reliability compared to other Li-ion batteries on the market due to their superior design and quality materials. Specially reinforced, fiberglass-infused, premium ABS and solid mechanical connections help provide top performance and safety. With Expion360 batteries, adventurers can enjoy the most beautiful and remote places on Earth even longer.

The company is headquartered in Redmond, Oregon. Expion360 Li-ion batteries are available today through more than 213 dealers, wholesalers, private-label customers, and OEMs across the country. To learn more about the company, visit expion360.com.

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