Expion360 Intros Aura Powercaps Amid Leadership Changes

Expion360 Intros Aura Powercaps Amid Leadership Changes

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Lithium-ion battery power storage solution manufacturer Expion360 Inc. has introduced the AURA POWERCAP 600 and AURA POWERCAP 800, the first accessories that can transform Expion360 Li-ion batteries into a portable 600-watt or 800-watt powerpack.

This solution can easily convert e360 Li-ion batteries into portable power stations capable of powering numerous 120-volt and 12-volt devices, officials said. They also allow an e360 battery to be recharged using the included 7-amp 120-volt household charger, or a lightweight 120-watt portable solar panel kit (sold separately).

“The AURA POWERCAP accessory is a great value-add to our existing line of state-of-the-art Li-ion batteries,” said Expion360 former CEO and current Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) John Yozamp. “Whether you’re heading off-grid in your e360-powered overland trailer or preparing for a home emergency, the AURA POWERCAP can keep all of your important electronic gear up and running.”

John Yozamp

The company is currently taking pre-orders on the POWERCAP, according to newly appointed CEO Brian Schaffner, who previously served as chief financial officer. Chief Accounting Officer Greg Aydelott has been promoted to fill his old role as CFO. Expion360 recently completed a series of internal management and board changes designed to position the company for better growth opportunities this year.

Brian Schaffner

“John is now spearheading our OEM interface and opening up additional sales channels for us,” said Schaffner. “We knew that John needed to pivot from his role as CEO and get back out and sell – and he is reinvigorated and revitalized in that role.”

AURA’s multiple features and capabilities make it an ideal power solution for outdoor enthusiasts or as emergency backup power. This includes powering air conditioning or sensitive electronics using the built-in 600-watt or 800-watt inverter. Other applications include powering lighting, coolers, fans and other 12-volt appliances with the built-in 10-amp power port. This product configuration can also charge smartphones, cameras, tablets, drones or other portable electronic devices using the two included USB-C and two USB-A charging ports. Expion360 expects to begin shipping in the second quarter of 2023.

Schaffner said the AURA takes advantage of the Expion360 lithium batteries’ many unique features and benefits, including greater capacity and space savings compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, as well as design, construction and reliability advantages versus alternative Li-ion batteries.

“You can imagine a lot of these power generators that you hook up to solar, they’re charging on a system that isn’t part of the RV. They’re not integrated into the RV. They’re kind of sitting in a little slot and they slosh around. Our solution is designed to bolt directly into the RV.”

Since Expion360 batteries utilize lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), they can have a lifespan of 12 years, or three to four times the life of most lead-acid batteries. Despite being half the weight, Expion360 lithium batteries can also provide three times the power and 10 times the number of charging cycles compared to standard lead-acid batteries. This makes the product line ideal for the camper with ever-increasing power and charging needs, especially for “off-the-grid” campers.

“The beautiful thing is that it has a little power window on it that not only tells you what the volts are, but it tells you based on the current usage how many hours of power you have left, which is a big deal,” said Schaffner. “Seeing a positive or negative charge on a Voltmeter tells me nothing about what’s happening with the battery, especially related to how cold it is. The AURA POWERCAP calculates how many hours remain, so it’s a pretty transformational product for us.”

Another helpful innovation is Expion360s power bundles, which takes out the guesswork for dealers in determining which battery configuration will work best based on the end user’s type of camper, power needs, camping style, charging requirements and other considerations. Expion360 Li-ion batteries are available today through more than 213 dealers, wholesalers, private-label customers and OEMs across the U.S. To find your local Expion360 dealer or purchase Expion360 batteries and accessories online, go to expion360.com.