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Lithium Battery Accessories

Lithium batteries are an investment in your future pursuits—whether that’s seeing the world from your RV, charting new waters deep sea fishing, or enjoying the rivers and lakes of our country. Shop a variety of accessories from DC chargers to thermal jackets to protect and support your investment. 

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About Expion360 Accessories

Although Expion360 lithium batteries are powerful and efficient on their own, these accessories protect, streamline, and optimize your power system. From bus bars that allow you to connect multiple batteries, to thermal jackets for optimal efficiency in harsh cold conditions, we’ve designed our accessories to maximize the life of your batteries. 

Wherever you go, Expion360 can take you there. 

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“.. you can’t beat a 12 year warranty! These guys focus on quality which we appreciate! Check them out if you are dropping in lithium.”

Wess W.