An Off-Grid Lithium Battery To Power the Pursuit 

For coast to coast adventure, you need optimal performance to power the pursuit of the next big thing. Expion360’s off-grid lithium battery collection can get you there. 

Industry-Leading Products 

Lithium battery technology has come a long way in the last decade—Expion360 is taking it further. Our best-in-class batteries are designed and engineered in-house with premium lithium iron phosphate cells while ensuring quality controls at every step. We stand by our batteries with an industry-leading 12-year warranty and support your needs with custom mounting kits and accessories to power your pursuit.

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An Off-Grid Lithium Battery To Explore With Confidence 

Our lithium batteries are engineered for ultimate durability, reliability, and safety. Whether you need a deep cycle “house battery” for your custom van build, something lighter and more energy dense for trolling motors, or an off-grid lithium battery for home energy solutions, our products deliver. 

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Support When You Need It 

Expion360’s in-house tech support team knows the ins and outs of our entire off-grid lithium battery line and accessories. From walking you through which battery is best, to troubleshooting when you’re on the go, our team has the know-how needed for a great experience. 

A Story Of Passion and Pursuit 

Expion360 started from a passion for batteries and premium engineering. But it also began with a passion for adventure. We knew performance was key from cross-country RV trips to deep sea fishing. So, we asked ourselves: what if we could build the lithium battery better? If we made it lighter, more durable, and gave it ten times the life and three times the energy (compared to a traditional lead acid battery)? 

The answer: E360 batteries to power the pursuit. 

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Nothing should stop you when you’re ready to pursue the next big thing. Shop online or search our locator to find a trusted dealer near you.