Expion360 lithium battery features

Expion360's Latest Lithium Battery Features Are Changing the Industry

For off-grid adventurers, pushing the boundaries and venturing deep into the unknown is a way of life. But true exploration demands reliable power—the kind that won't let you down when you're miles from civilization. This is part of our ethos at Expion360 and has set the foundation for our industry-leading power solutions since 2016. Today, we’re diving further into the latest lithium battery features that are revolutionizing the way our customers adventure. 

Expion360 SmartTalk™: Your Battery's Trusted Companion

We can’t talk about advanced lithium battery features without starting with the star: Expion360 Bluetooth-enabled batteries that seamlessly connect with the user-friendly SmartTalk™ app. Available for Apple and Android devices, this intuitive app acts as a direct line of communication with your battery, offering a wealth of valuable information:

  • Real-time monitoring: No more squinting at cryptic gauges or waiting until your lights dim to know your battery's status. SmartTalk™ provides crystal-clear, real-time data on remaining capacity, voltage, current, and temperature—all in an easy-to-understand format. 
  • Advanced diagnostics: Go beyond basic monitoring and gain deeper insights into your battery's health. The app can identify potential issues early on, allowing you to address them proactively and maximize your battery's lifespan.
  • Managing complex power systems: The true beauty of Expion360's Bluetooth capabilities lies in its scalability. The SmartTalk™ app can connect and manage multiple Expion360 Bluetooth-enabled batteries simultaneously—a game-changer for off-grid adventurers with complex power systems.

More Lithium Battery Features to Power the Pursuit 

While Bluetooth integration takes center stage, it's important to acknowledge the supporting cast of features that truly elevate Expion360's batteries to the perfect off-grid companion. Here's a closer look at some of these key lithium battery features: 

VHC™ (Vertical Heat Conduction™)

Our patent-pending Vertical Heat Conduction™ (VHC™) internal heating technology marks a significant industry breakthrough for battery performance in cold climates. Featuring Positive Temperature Coefficient Heating Film (PTCHF) in direct contact with each cell for uniform heat distribution. A sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS) ensures real-time monitoring and control, promoting operational safety and longevity in cold temperatures. This innovative heating technology intuitively adjusts its power source by drawing power from the battery only when the external charge source does not fully meet the power demand of the heater. When the external charge source is ample, the heater operates solely on this external power while also charging the battery. This optimized power use strategy elevates efficiency and sustainability in battery thermal management.

Advanced Battery Management System (BMS)

Our advanced BMS is one of the notable features of Expion360 batteries. This sophisticated system acts as the battery's brain, safeguarding it from a range of potential threats like high/low voltage, short circuits, high/low temperature, overcurrent, and improper charging. The BMS also facilitates the accurate balancing of cells to ensure they all charge evenly, increasing your battery’s lifespan and performance. 

CAN Bus Communication

For complex electrical systems, CAN Bus compatibility ensures seamless integration with existing systems, allowing for efficient and reliable communication between the battery and the power management network. By implementing these capabilities into our lithium iron phosphate system, we give users the ability to access real-time data from all the different systems, including temperature sensors, inverters, and battery monitors.

Moisture Protection

Most of our batteries at Expion360 boast an industry-leading moisture protection rating of IP66, which ensures complete protection from dust, sand, and water penetration. Knowing our customers venture into rugged, beautiful places (emphasis on rugged), this rating protects E360 batteries from the harshest environments. 

Unleash the Potential of Your Off-Grid Adventure

Our commitment to innovation extends far beyond simply delivering powerful batteries. We’re redefining the user experience by prioritizing communication and control. With groundbreaking lithium battery features and industry-leading engineering, we’re empowering customers not just to use their batteries but to optimize them. With the power to go anywhere, where would you roam? Shop the full collection here