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Powered Control: Introducing Expion360's Bluetooth Battery Line

When Bluetooth first hit the market in the early 2000s, we could only imagine how pervasive and useful it would become. You might remember the first version of it by the iconic clip-on earpieces people wore who were suddenly having hands-free conversations—and, at first, looking like they were talking to themselves. Now, Bluetooth-capable devices are everywhere, from speakers to keyboards. At Expion360, we’re proud to be rolling out a best-in-class Bluetooth battery collection. With the cutting-edge SmartTalk app, these batteries are changing how we monitor and interact with our batteries for long-term usage and adventure. 

An Industry-Leading Bluetooth Battery Collection 

Reliable battery monitoring is as crucial to off-grid roaming as the dashboard is to your rig. When we take traditional monitoring and modernize it for a well-connected customer, optimal performance meets complete peace of mind. 

Bluetooth is a Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) technology used to connect devices within a short distance so they can exchange data. By using radio waves, it can transmit and receive data up to about 10 meters. Most notably, this technology eliminates the need for a cabled connection, but its benefits have expanded to be highly compatible, affordable, fully automated, and consuming only small amounts of power. 

A Bluetooth battery applies these benefits to convenient monitoring of your power system. From Overland builds to marine vehicles, your off-grid power solution can become complicated. When connected with cutting-edge software, like in the case of our latest collection, Bluetooth allows for a comprehensive view of your system for better integration, safety, and performance. 

Let’s dive into what makes these batteries special. 

SmartTalk App

The power player and most critical aspect of Expion360’s Bluetooth battery collection is the innovative SmartTalk app. The groundbreaking app uses a cutting-edge software platform to integrate and manage multiple Expion360 Bluetooth-enabled batteries seamlessly. Whereas traditional monitors might be clunky or limited in their data, the SmartTalk app allows users to oversee things like the state of charge, temperature, and overall battery health. Its user-friendly interface and advanced analytics empower our customers to make the most of their energy storage system. Like we always say, knowledge is power. 

By streamlining and revolutionizing battery management, this integration eliminates the need for multiple apps, complex setups, and frustrating connects and disconnects from battery to battery. 

Comprehensive Monitoring 

One of the hallmarks of the app is comprehensive monitoring. In conventional battery monitoring systems, you get a limited picture of one battery’s state. Expion360’s Bluetooth-enabled batteries give you a holistic look at your entire battery system. The simple interface allows for a quick view of the overall performance and health of the battery network, which provides invaluable insights for efficient decision-making. 

If, for example, your rig’s not operating up to its full standards, you can use the comprehensive view to see where the trouble might be. Once you pinpoint a particular battery in your setup, you can then decide to double-check connections and chargers, reset it, or do more extensive troubleshooting. In most cases, faster action will keep your entire system operational for longer. 

With the ability to see more data on more than one battery at a time, users can optimize their energy storage systems like never before. 

Individual Insights 

Another incredible feature of the SmartTalk app is the ability to switch from a 3,000-foot view to a detailed analysis. With the comprehensive view, you can see your entire system at a glance. With individual insights, you can drill down into each battery with real-time access to essential data. Seeing the state of charge, temperature, battery health, and more of a single battery means the entire system can operate properly. By including this level of granularity in our app, we’re allowing customers to monitor proactively. 

About Our Golf Batteries 

The first in our Bluetooth battery line is the GC2 golf cart battery. If you remember from last month’s blog, this battery helps golf cart owners maximize their time on the course and monitor their cart (or fleet of carts) with ease. The 48 Volt batteries have an exceptional lifespan, weight, power, and capacity. Their steel-encased 26650 cylindrical cells ensure best-in-class reliability and durability—no matter the weather on the course. With a lifespan of 12 years and premium LiFePO4 materials, our first addition to the Bluetooth collection is redefining the golf cart experience.  

Other features include: 

  • CAN Bus connection
  • SmartTalk integration 
  • Oversized solid brass terminals 
  • Fiberglass ABS case 
  • 36 Ah (1843.2 Wh) capacity 
  • 38.5 lbs and 10.2 in X 7.1 in X 10.9 in

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What’s Next in the Collection?

In the coming months, we plan to grow our Bluetooth line to Group 24, Group 27, and the custom 360 batteries. The entire collection will offer optimal versatility and flexibility across applications, including RVs, boats, Overland vehicles, renewable energy systems, and backup power solutions. It combines durable function, intelligent features, and exceptional performance for an unparalleled experience.  

Integrating this technology into our industry-leading lithium batteries is the next step in our mission to safely and efficiently power the pursuit in beautiful, rugged places. 

Powered Pursuit With Expion360

Remote monitoring is a critical component of an off-grid power system. By applying advanced software to our leading Bluetooth battery collection, we’re helping our customers make the most of their battery’s life and providing a way for safer, more reliable off-grid travel. 

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