REDARC overland accessories

Explore the REDARC Overland Accessories in Expion360's Power Systems and Shop

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On the road to adventure, you’ll likely seek others for experience and advice or when you need a helping hand. Just as exploration takes partnership, so does the gear to get you there. We’re proud to work with like-minded REDARC Electronics to further each other’s missions. To round out our partner series (see Victron here), we’re discussing the REDARC Overland accessories now featured on the shop to help you explore further and longer with confidence. 

Why We’ve Partnered with REDARC Electronics 

REDARC Electronics is an Australia-based company with branches in Canada and the United States. Since 1979, they’ve engineered and manufactured innovative hardware solutions for better safety, functionality, convenience, and performance. Their mission of applying tech to empower commercial and recreational pursuits has always aligned with ours. As decades-long power players in the industry, they bring the highest quality materials with innovative engineering throughout their collections. 

With the Expion-360-REDARC partnership, we can now bring these high-quality products to our overlanding customers to complement our lithium batteries, complete our bundles, and power adventure further. 

REDARC Overland Accessories Across Applications

Let’s dive into the newly-launched REDARC accessories now available on our shop


Adding an inverter to your off-grid Overland setup makes it possible to plug in anywhere for smooth and efficient appliance operation and device charging. REDARC’s pure sine wave inverters produce less heat and noise and have multiple levels of protection, including short circuit and overloading and a load-controlled cooling fan. The collection is available in 400W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, and 3000W to support all your power needs.   


Your charger needs vary based on your Overland rig, setup, and off-grid travel plans. REDARC’s charger line meets those needs with their DC battery dual-input in-vehicle and in-trailer 12A chargers. The collection ranges from 12A to 50A, with notable features like the unique multi-stage charging algorithm, battery compatibility, and ability to work in extreme temperatures and terrains. With simultaneous DC and solar inputs, it’s the most advanced dual battery charger on the market. 

Management Systems & Displays

Proper battery management keeps your systems running optimally and for the long haul. REDARC’S management systems (Manager30 and Redvision + Manager30 Kit) charge and maintain auxiliary batteries with AC, DC, and solar outputs and manage multiple onboard devices. In addition, the Manager30 option with color display allows for remote monitoring and Bluetooth capability. Whichever suit your needs, these systems offer ultimate peace of mind.  


With 44+ years in the industry, REDARC Electronics designs and manufactures for practically every off-grid need. This includes those miscellaneous accessories necessary for streamlined exploration, like their BCDC universal mounting bracket and inverter remote

REDARC Power Systems

If you want convenience and curation, our power systems pair the right REDARC accessories with E360 batteries. 

REDARC Explorer 100 Ah Power Bundle: Perfect for a long weekend off-grid, this power bundle is best for travel trailers, truck campers, and overland trailers with minimal power needs, like a long weekend off-grid. 

REDARC Overland 200 Ah Power Bundle: For medium-sized travel trailers, large truck campers, smaller fifth wheels, and motor coaches with plenty of power for trips off-grid. 

REDARC Voyager 300 Ah Power Bundle: For longer-term off-grid, this power bundle is best used for medium and larger-sized travel trailers, larger truck campers, motor coaches, and fifth wheels. 

REDARC Boondocker 400 Ah Power Bundle: As the most powerful bundle, it’s best applied to larger-sized travel trailers, truck campers, fifth wheels, and motor coaches with plenty of power for extended time off-grid. 

Explore Confidently with Expion360  

Wherever you adventure, we want you to do so with confidence. That’s why we’ve included industry-leading REDARC overland accessories on our site (explore at the shop or using the search function with “REDARC”). Together with Expion360 batteries, there’s nothing holding you back.