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Battery Breakdown: E360 Extreme Density Battery

Who said traveling (or living) off the grid meant giving up on life’s conveniences? Although we love a bit of grit and “roughing it,” we equally love having the ability to charge devices, power appliances, and explore for the long term. For the fourth and final installation of the Battery Breakdown series, we’re detailing the E360 extreme density battery: the 12V 368AH EX1. 

E360 Extreme Density Collection: 120Ah and 368Ah

In the world of renewable batteries, extreme density is the big kahuna. With its ability to store a large amount of power relative to its size and weight, the E360 extreme density battery is a powerful renewable energy solution for RV, van, and marine vessel travel. Of the two batteries in this revolutionary line, the 368 Ah surpasses its 120 Ah counterpart (full breakdown on the 120Ah here). 

Utilizing our unique 4.0 Ah stainless steel encased 26650 cylindrical cells, this battery is made to provide maximum power with minimal added weight (a total of 100.4 pounds)—especially when compared to our 3.4 Ah high-density cell. Backed by the reliable performance of advanced LiFePO4 chemistry, we design and engineer these batteries to meet the highest safety standards across applications.  

368 Ah battery benefits include: 

  • Extreme energy density
  • Long cycle life
  • Maintenance free
  • Fast charging
  • High discharge current 

368 Ah Battery Specs 

Before investing in a lithium battery, we recommend doing your research. Here’s how the 368 Ah battery stacks up: 

e360 extreme density battery specs

Explore the E360 extreme density user manual for more detailed information. 

What Makes the E360 Difference? 

Since 2016, our mission has been to manufacture premium, reliable products that power the pursuit of adventure in beautiful, rugged places. The E360 extreme density battery collection is the fruition of our dedication to that mission. So, what makes the difference in our batteries? 

Advanced lithium cells… Our 4.0Ah UL 1642 recognized (file no. MH64383) 26650 cylindrical cells are encased in stainless steel.

Reinforced cell pack… Serving as the mechanical backbone for the BMS, our cell pack features welded cells via thick copper machined collector plates. 

Innovative case design… Expion360 battery cases feature 96.7% larger terminal connection pads, radiused corners, built-in rubber feet, interior molded ribs, and premium fiberglass-reinforced plastic. 

Smart BMS… The smart features of our BMS protect from damage to your battery, property, or person. 

Top safety certifications… We have the honor of achieving a handful of safety certifications, including UL 1642, UL 1973, UL 94V-0, and UN 3480

Ongoing Support and Warranty 

The team at Expion360 is committed to providing the highest quality products paired with exceptional customer service. Our 12-year warranty guarantees the longevity of our products sold through our online shop, distributors, authorized dealers, and OE manufacturers. 

In addition, we provide customers with an always-reachable support team—by phone at (541) 797-6714 or by email at support@expion360.com—so you never have to venture alone. 

For All the Roads Less Traveled 

When you’re headed off-grid for an extended time, the choice is clear: E360 extreme density batteries. By harnessing LiFePO4 advancements with innovative engineering and design and backing it with an airtight warranty, we’re changing the industry one power solution at a time. 

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