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Why You Should Choose Expion360 As Your Solar Energy Equipment Supplier

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The beauty of solar energy isn’t just that it’s renewable and sustainable. It’s also convenient. Despite the longer (read: darker) days after the Autumnal Equinox, solar is a great way to travel off-grid with complete freedom. At Expion360, our premium line of solar panels, chargers, and accessories make us the preferred solar energy equipment supplier. 

Why Choosing the Right Solar Energy Equipment Supplier Matters

Despite our users' different means of travel and destinations, they all have one thing in common: a thirst for adventure. If you fit in the category of wanting to explore out-of-the-way places, you’ve likely hit the obstacle of no convenient shore power hookup. The answer? Solar energy. We pride ourselves on having the expertise and equipment to get our customers boondocking wherever the wanderlust takes them. 

Just like any adventure should start with a checklist, here’s what you should look for in a solar energy equipment supplier: 

Expertise: You wouldn’t go to an RV dealer looking to buy a single-family home. When looking for sustainable power options, you need an expert to guide you through the details. How much power do you need? What types of hookups are appropriate for your rig? Where should you mount solar panels? Our expert team can answer all this and more. 

Support: Expertise and service shouldn’t end after you finalize your purchase. At Expion360, we have a U.S.-based customer support team ready to advise whether it’s your first or fiftieth battery. 

Protection: Sustainable power solutions are investments. Your equipment supplier should offer a warranty and guarantee that your products are made to the highest standards—backed by unbeatable coverage. 

Premium Engineering: At Expion360, we’re committed to precision-engineered distinction. With cutting-edge technology, rigorous testing, and a commitment to reliability, we ensure every power system that goes out the door exceeds our standards. 

Unmatched Design: A product should look as good as it performs. And, when space is tight in your rig, it should also operate to maximum efficiency with the lowest footprint. 

The Positive Impact of Renewable Energy 

Whether you’re an Overlanding adventurer or RV enthusiast, adding solar capability to your rig can dramatically change your options for how and where you camp. Rather than seeking out locations for convenient shore power hookups, you can choose your temporary haven for its rugged beauty. In addition to this convenience is the undeniable sustainability solar power offers. 

As a renewable resource, solar power replenishes at a higher rate than it’s consumed—sharply contrasted with coal, oil, and gas. As solar energy has increased in popularity, the technology has also grown, making this renewable energy source an incredibly affordable option. With solar panels lasting up to 30 years, it’s also a long-term solution. Solar batteries, like Expion360’s, store the energy captured by solar panels for future use. The energy is then converted into usable electricity to power vehicles and appliances within them while off the grid. 

Solar Power and Accessories to Keep You Going 

The lithium-ion solar batteries we engineer at Expion360 are lighter, more energy-dense, and have an overall greater efficiency. 

Solar Panels

Solar panels have the important job of harnessing the sun’s energy. Our Rich Solar and Expion360 options are secure, durable, and easy to install on any application. The Rich Solar 100 W Slim Monocrystalline Solar Panel, in particular, maximizes energy output while minimizing space requirements. Our E360 175W Monocrystalline Solar Panel has a robust 175W power and integrates easily with existing solar systems. But it’s the E360 Portable and Foldable Solar Panel 120W that shines for flexible off-grid adventures—it’s compact and light and allows you to generate power from wherever. 

Solar Chargers/Charge Controllers 

Solar chargers (also called charged controllers) are the powerhouse of the operation. When gathering and storing energy from your panels, you need a charger that’s fast, reliable, and built with the most advanced technology. Victron Energy’s SmartSolar collection uses smart technology to achieve a full charge in the shortest possible time while extending battery life. In addition to Victron, we’re proud to offer chargers from REDARC Electronics, whose DC battery charger dual input collection ranges from 25A to 50A, with battery management options

Our line of solar charge controllers is Bluetooth-enabled with maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology for ultimate convenience and efficiency. 


From mounting kits and brackets to adapter cables and ports, solar system accessories are necessary when designing a sophisticated and efficient solar system for your RV or Overland vehicle. 

Whatever your application, the Expion360 team can help you select the primary components for your system and give you, or your installer, a head start on integrating a reliable, safe power system. For those unsure where to start with their solar energy equipment supplier, our Portable Power Bundle is a great option.

Shop the Expion360 Difference 

Don’t let the shorter days of these next seasons stop you from renewable, reliable energy solutions. By choosing a solar energy equipment supplier focused on sustainability, functionality, and performance, you can tick off your bucket list places year-round.