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Where to Buy Lithium Batteries—E360 Dealer Locator 101

Picture this: you’re embarking on your two-week off-grid travels across the states, and your battery goes caput. Despite knowing it dropped to 3.4 volts, you thought “old reliable” could take you on one more adventure. Anticipating those questions of “where to buy lithium batteries?” we created our dealer locator. Read on to find out how to use it, our ongoing support promise, and how to become a dealer. 

Where to Buy Lithium Batteries—How to Use Our Dealer Locator 

We built our company on a foundation of cutting-edge engineering and industry-leading performance. But we took our premium products to the next level by providing ongoing support, resources, and accessibility to our products. To strengthen this promise, we’ve partnered with dealers across the States, so customers can find E360 batteries and accessories wherever they roam. 
If you’re wondering where you can find our batteries, the Find Locally feature on our site locates dealers by city, state, or zip code. For more targeted results, filter by distance, industry (marine, residential, industrial, etc.), and use type (Overland, truck camper, golf cart, etc.). 

E360 dealer locator

Ongoing Product Support and Guarantee 

If you find yourself in a tight spot adventuring, your battery gives out, or you want to integrate new accessories to make your travels smoother, finding E360 products is the first step. The next is utilizing our robust customer support materials and team. 

Every Expion360 product—purchased online or through one of our dealers—is included in our 12-year warranty. Once you register with proof of purchase, we cover defects and, in certain cases, replace parts. 

If you’re grabbing something from our dealers on your off-grid adventures, we provide extensive spec sheets, manuals, and video series for quick reference and on-the-go support. 

Become an Expion360 Dealer 

When you become an Expion360 dealer, our Dealer Support team provides account support, keeps you updated on the latest products, and assists your account in any way needed. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the resources and products you need to meet your customers’ needs. 

If you’d like to add Expion360 products to your business, apply here

Online or In Person, Our Batteries Take You Further 

Our Dealer Locator is your go-to if you’re wondering where to buy lithium batteries on your travels. With access to our premium products at shops over the States and virtual access to our customer support team and resources, you can venture forward with confidence.